Britain's Jews Told to Take Precautions

Following London Terror Attack


London Terror Attack

Crazed Jihadist Attacks Britain

London Bloodied but Unbowed

Killer Was British-Born Muslim

Known to police for his extremism

At least eight arrested in connection with attack

Lone Wolf

British PM tells parliament killer acted alone

Israel Expresses Solidarity

Deputy Foreign Minister: 'Israel expresses its deep shock at the terrorist attack in London today and its solidarity with the victims and people and government of Great Britain.'

Livni: 'Our hearts are with the British today. Stand strong. The free world will defeat terrorism.'

Ambassador to U.N.: 'Israel stands as one with the British people as we all work together to defeat the scourge of terrorism.'

Former Ambassador to U.S.: 'Israel stands with you in fighting terror and defending freedom.'

Peace, Peace, and There Is No Peace

Palestinians set to release new 'peace plan' at Arab League meeting

The Big Freeze

Trump administration reportedly demands end to construction of outlying settlements

Rocks Coalition

Jewish Home party minister threats to resign if Netanyahu agrees to freeze

Netanyahu scrambling keep government together after threat to call elections

The State Department's Anti-Israel Hate-Fest

Analysis: Rex Tillerson's Warning to Korea Reached Middle East

Analysis: For Now, Israel Unworried About Putin in Syria

Hamas Stealing Turkish Aid to Fund Terror

Got Him!

BDS co-founder arrested for tax evasion


Antisemite Shut Down

Racist U.N. official cancels appearance after protests

Defiant to the Last

Jew-hating former mayor of London will not accept party discipline over antisemitic comments

Exodus Coming?

European Jewish leaders say Jews may flee continent if far-Right rises to power

Falk and His Jew-Hating Buddies

Jewish students harassed at London talk

Iran's Long Arm of Terrorism

Genocidal Islamic republic planned to assassinate head of French-Israel business group

Turkish Terror

Head of Turkish aid group funneled cash to Hamas

Consecrated Once More

Prague synagogue receives first new Torah scrolls since World War II

Hypocrite of Hypocrites

Antisemitic head of British Labour party says he will fight antisemitism

Report: Britain Sending Troops to Russian Border

U.S. Sets Plans to Counter Iran

Hezbollah Preparing Syria as Battlefront Against Israel


Striking Back

IDF chief of staff reveals Israel has been hitting Gaza tunnels from the air

Coming Together

AIPAC hopes to bring bipartisan support for Israel to annual national convention

Israel Strikes Again Near Damascus

Plans Mass Evacuations in Next War

U.S. Stands Up to U.N. Racists

Boycotts 'human rights' council's anti-Israel hate fest

Deterrence Achieved

U.N. pulled anti-Israel report for fear Trump would cut funding

How Israel Changed Rules of the Game in Syria

BDS Database

Israel to keep tabs on 'dozens' of Israeli boycott activists

'We’re only talking about the key boycott activists who work together with the BDS movement.'

Terrorists Devouring Each Other?

IDF chief says top Hezbollah commander was killed by his own men

Bibi Holds Summit With Chinese Leaders

'We want to marry our technology with China’s capacity.'


Israeli-Arab woman gets four years for joining ISIS

Analysis: How the P.A. Pays Murderers

War Drums

Israel to deploy David's Sling


Israel's Ambassador to the U.S.: 'The reason why we do not have peace is because the Palestinians refuse to accept the existence and the right of the Jewish people to a state in our ancestral homeland.'


The Jews Who Helped Give Birth to Rock and Roll

Chuck Berry, rock pioneer, dies at 90, was discovered by brothers Phil and Leonard Chess

Assault of the Trump-Haters

Famed Jewish conservative talk show host Michael Savage attacked by Leftist

Friend of the Jews

New revisionist book on Churchill and the Jews is simply wrong

The Man Who Accused

By defending Dreyfus, Emile Zola changed Europe forever


No Love

Only 30 percent of Jews approve of Trump

Blood Libels

Vile antisemitic fliers distributed at University of Illinois compare Zionists to Nazis, defend Holocaust denial

'Ending White Privilege Starts With Ending Jewish Privilege!'

Racist leaflet distributed at University of Illinois at Chicago

'It is absolutely undeniable that if this was posted about other minorities such as African Americans, Muslim, and Hispanics the whole school would be protesting in the quad. But everyone seems to be silent.'


Secular French Jews increasingly sending their children to Jewish schools to avoid antisemitism

Sorry About That

Famed historian agrees to revise passage in his book that minimized antisemitism

Vice for Vice

Co-founder of popular magazine goes on psychotic antisemitic YouTube rant