What Does Hagel's

Resignation Mean for Israel?



How It Happened

Hagel's resignation came after a long series of clashes with Obama

Israel Upgrades Relations With Iran Neighbor Azerbeijan

Dennis Ross: Iran Showed No Flexibility

Poll: Majority of Americans Oppose Iran Nuke Deal

Congress Steps in on Iran

'At this point I fully expect Congress to consider sanctions legislation overwhelmingly supported by Republicans and Democrats alike.'

Iran's Supreme Whacko Declares Victory

'In the nuclear issue, arrogants have made their best to bring Iran to its knees but they were not able and will not be able to do so.'

Israel's U.N. Ambassador Makes a Stand

'I accuse you of hypocrisy. ... I accuse you of speaking about Israel’s right of self-defense in theory, but denying it in practice. I accuse you of lending legitimacy to those who seek to destroy our state.'

As U.N. agency continues its support for terrorism

'To get to peace with the Palestinians, Israel needs to go to war against Hamas in Gaza, and fast.'

Son of Hamas leader who rejected his father's murderous ideology says terrorist group must be destroyed

'The only thing that troubled Cherkassky on the front was the lack of kosher food'

Religious Ukrainian Jew becomes symbol of resistance to Russian aggression

How Obama Already Caved to Iran

Eager to make a deal, he'll trade something for nothing

Sen. McCain: Hagel Was 'Very, Very Frustrated' With Obama

ANALYSIS: Hagel's resignation represents a major shift in administration policy

This Is What Abbas Means by 'Peace'

Four Arabs Attack Jewish Man in Berlin

Arabs Attack Yeshiva Students in Old City

'Talmud in one hand and fought with the other'

Arab Stabs Jewish Man Near Jaffa Gate

Police searching the area

Israel Approves of Nuclear Talks' Extension

No deal is better than a bad deal


Um... Never mind...

World powers extend Iran deadline until next July

Oh, It's Going Totally Awesome!

Despite obvious failure, diplomatic source claims 'progress' was made

At least sanctions will continue

Yer Gonna Take It and Like It!

Report reveals Iranian negotiators regularly shriek at Western diplomats, including Secretary Kerry

Bibi: More sanctions

'The fact that there is no deal now means there is an opportunity to continue the economic pressure.'

Saudis: Obama Pushing Us to Deal With Iran

Duh: Obama Says 'Significant Gaps' Remain in Iran Nuclear Talks

Obama actually considered lifting sanctions immediately

Palestinians to Delay U.N. Bid Until Iran Talks Conclude

Also say they don't have the votes

Wages of War Crimes

Hamas-initiated war against Israel results in a winter-battered, flooded Gaza


French boycotters fail completely, lead to strengthened relations between Safed and sister city

ISIS Agonisties

After thousands of Westerners join ISIS, more and more Westerners join up to fight ISIS


Netanyahu: 'Jewish State' Concept Essential to Peace

U.S. Declares Opposition to 'Jewish State' Bill

State Department says it expects Israel to 'continue commitment to democratic principles.'

Bennett Rejects Interference

'I say to the Americans that we will manage the affairs of the State of Israel.'

Yep, Toss 'Em

Netanyahu announces support for expelling terror-supporters from the Knesset

'Supporting an enemy in wartime is something that can’t be reconciled with sitting in the Knesset.'

At Long Last, Some Good News

Poll reveals overwhelming majority of Israeli Arabs - including 64 percent of Muslims - oppose recent wave of terror attacks, prefer to remain Israeli

Coalition Collapse?

Netanyahu's government hangs in the balance as Lapid and Livni announce opposition to 'Jewish state' bill


Chairman of pro-Israel evangelical group says Obama is 'one of the most anti-Semitic presidents in the history of the United States of America.'

Vote on 'Jewish State' Bill Delayed

Cabinet seeks compromise version of controversial law

Bill was previously approved by cabinet

Love Ya Bibi!

Far-Left Senator Elizabeth Warren to meet Israeli PM in bid to shore up her pro-Israel credentials


Boston Jews Mourn Har Nof Massacre Victim

Moshe Twersky's hometown turns out to remember rabbi killed in barbaric massacre

The Gathering

Over 5,000 Habad rabbis meet in Crown Heights for annual conference

Families of Terror Victims Clear Final Hurdle

Jury trial nears in decades-old $1 billion lawsuit against PA, PLO

Keepers of the Flame

In a post-Foxman era, where is the ADL headed?

U.S. Continues to Tell World Jerusalem Doesn't Belong to the Jews

'We would reiterate our clear and consistent opposition to construction activity in East Jerusalem.'

Congress Condemns What Obama Won't

U.S. legislators from all sides blast Abbas for the racist incitement that led to Tuesday's barbaric synagogue attack

Dershowitz Rips Obama on Synagogue Terrorism

'You donít bring it together with how many Palestinians may have died because they were being used as human shields.'

Pollard Parole Request Denied

Pro-Pollard group says Justice Dept. panel believes release would send 'wrong message'

Senior U.S. Officials Slam 'Unjust Denial'

JPost Reveals Secret Drama Behind Parole Failure


Berkeley Students React to ISIS, Israel Flags

Policeman Recounts How He Killed Savage at Synagogue Massacre

'The terrorist came outside shooting. ... I kept shooting and the terrorist fell.'

Bennett Confronts BBC

P.A. TV Broadcasts 'Documentary' Demonizing Jews


Israel-Hating Foreign Press Group Denies It Hates Israel

After appallingly biased and racist coverage of synagogue attack, reporters 'reject' Israeli minister's 'blanket condemnation of foreign media.'

As Naftali Bennett Exposes BBC Racism

Israel-hating network refuses to show images of synagogue victims even though it showed endless images of Palestinian casualties during Gaza war

Two Israeli Films Make Oscar Top Ten

'Aya,' and 'Summer Vacation' among finalists for best short films

Einstein Letter Sells for $12,500

Scientist's letter thanks Jewish businessman for helping Jews who fled Nazis

Mike Nichols Passes Away at 83

Acclaimed Jewish director of classics like 'The Graduate' and 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' was born in Berlin before his family fled the Nazis

11 Great Mike Nichols Moments

British Pop Star Plans Israel Concert

James Blunt to play Tel Aviv Feb. 2

'Piano Man's' High Honor

Billy Joel awarded Library of Congress
George Gershwin Prize for Popular Song


PFLP Hails Self-Hating Jews

After committing barbaric synagogue massacre, terrorist group hails Jews who support BDS

Worldwide Jewry Cautioned: Be Vigilant, Take Precautions

PHOTO GALLERY: Ethiopian Jews Celebrate Sigd Holiday in Israel

'Dig Quest: Israel'

New kid's Israeli archaeology game launched for iPhone

Cops Lend Helping Hand on Shabbat

In Orthodox enclave of Lakewood, N.J., police are accommodating

Photos of Last-Remaining Synagogues in Muslim World

'Smart' Tel Aviv

City wins World's Smartest Cities Award for innovation