Former IDF head of southern command says government

knew about threat from terror tunnels but took no action


The Big Freeze?

NY Times reports that, this time, neither Obama nor Netanyahu wants to mend fences

Brothers in Arms

Report reveals 2008 assassination of top Hezbollah terrorist was joint CIA-Mossad operation

Sick Savagery

Paris supermarket terrorist may have recorded parts of his atrocity

Hamas Takes Another Hit

Egypt declares Gaza terrorist organization a terrorist organization

As Egyptian airstrikes hit Islamist terror groups in Sinai

U.S. Senate Advances Iran Sanctions Bill

Simultaneous Blasts in Egypt Leave 27 Dead

ISIS claims responsibility for bombs and mortar rounds in three Sinai towns


Portugal Approves Citizenship Rights for Sephardic Jews

Eager Hamas Recruits

Hundreds of Gaza teens graduate from training camp, pledging to fight 'Zionist enemy'

Abbas to Visit Sweden

Despicable Remarks at the House of Lords

Antisemitic British baroness pressures U.K. Jews to condemn Israel

Argentina's Dark History

Sending a message, Holocaust remembrance ceremony moved to AMIA bombing site

U.N. Security Council Refuses to Condemn Hezbollah

Horrifying Night

Italian Jewish leader and TV crew locked after hours inside Auschwitz

When grandson of Holocaust victims tried to escape, he was arrested and interrogated by Polish police

Report: French Jews 50 Times More Likely to Be Attacked Than French Muslims

Jew-hating BBC Asks: 'Is it Time to Lay the Holocaust to Rest?'

PM Cameron: Britain Will Build Holocaust Memorial in Central London

'I will ensure that we will keep Britain's promise to remember: today, tomorrow and for every generation to come'

Putin: Rewriting Holocaust History 'Unacceptable'


Israeli Fears Confirmed

Nasrallah: Hezbollah, Iran strengthening presence along Golan border

Israel Stops Terror at Gaza Border

Two armed Palestinian nabbed on way to carry out an attack

Sharp Drop in Unemployment Announced

Statistics show improved conditions for Arab workers

NGO: Israel to Re-issue 450 New Units in West Bank

Five Years Post-Quake, Israel Still Helping Haiti Heal

Humanitarians still on the ground helping Haitians rebuild their lives and communities

Hezbollah Stands Down?

Via the U.N., terror group tells Israel it does not want further escalation

Laid to Rest

Thousands attend funeral for IDF officer killed in Hezbollah attack

Finally, the E.U. Gets It Right

Normally anti-Israel body demands an end to attacks on Israel's northern border

Hezbollah Attacks Israel, Israel Responds, and Spain Blames Israel for UN Peacekeepers' Death

This Needs to Be Said? U.S. Supports Israel's 'Right of Self Defense'

Analysis: Neither Side Wants War


Protesters Disrupt Kissinger Testimony

Former U.S. secretary of state attends Senate hearing on U.S. national security strategy

Sen. McCain calls anti-war group Code Pink 'low-life scum'

House Dems Circulate Letter Urging Postponement of Netanyahu Speech

Justice, Justice, Shalt Thou Pursue

Trial to open in Etan Patz missing child case--35 years later

Congressional Leaders to Kerry: Revoke Aid to Palestinians for I.C.C. Move

Jewish Dems Call on RNC to Cancel Israel Trip Funded by Hate Group

Trip is being paid for by a subsidiary of the American Family Association, considered extremist

Texas Lawmaker Waves Israeli Flag

State rep greets Muslim visitors with symbol of U.S. allegiance

Sheldon Silver Resigns Position

N.Y. State Assembly speaker faces corruption charges

Democrats Cave to Obama on Iran Sanctions Bill

Agree to put off vote until after March 24


U.S. College Campuses Breeding Grounds for Anti-Israel and Antisemitic Movements

Pro-Palestinian Demonstrators Ejected from N.Y. City Hall


Israeli Conductor Dies on Stage

Israel Yinon collapses at Lucerne concert; cause of death unknown

Ruby Namdar Wins Israel's Top Literary Award

Author of 'The Ruined House' is first Israeli expatriate to win Sapir Prize

The Birth of the Israeli Air Force

Nancy Spielberg produces documentary, 'Above and Beyond'

Sarah Silverman the Talk of Sundance

Comedian puts darkness on display in new film

British Actress Considers Leaving U.K. Due to Antisemitism

Big Honor for Coen Brothers

Film-making partners to preside over Cannes Film Festival

Idina Menzel to Perform at Super Bowl

Broadway star behind 'Frozen' hit 'Let it Go' will sing the national anthem


Antisemitic Incidents in Austria Nearly Doubled

Watchdog records 255 anti-Jewish incidents in 2014, mostly online harassment and vandalism, compared to 137 in 2013

Rabble-Rousing Rabbi Takes Stock

Rabbi Avi Weiss looks back on long career

D.C. Synagogue Turns to Religious Court in Rabbinical Dispute

After voyeurism scandal, Rabbi Barry Freundel refuses to vacate synagogue-owned home

Israeli Geneticist Wins Norwegian Prize for Cancer Research

Prof. Yosef Shiloh of Tel Aviv University shares award with Prof. Judith Campisi of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in California

Israeli Father-Son Team Invent 'Smart' Patch Pump

World's smallest, cheapest device aids those with Parkinson's and diabetes

The Need for Speed

Israeli skater Vladislav Bykanov wins gold at European championship games

ROI Entrepreneurs Grant Recipients

Natan Fund winners include Digital Shmita Project; 'Israel Story'; and global initiative promoting tourism to Jewish communities

U.S. Offers Tuition-Free School

Hebrew charter school to open in Minneapolis-St. Paul

The Jewish Boys of Pigskin

As football fans gear up for Super Bowl, read about Jewish contributors to the game