The Message Is Clear:

All Terrorists Are Targets


Anguish in Ashdod

Gaza rocket hits synagogue, causing damage and wounding several

Israeli Man Wounded by Rocket Fire

Be'ersheva resident hit by shrapnel in heavy barrage on south

Rocket Falls in Tel Aviv Open Area

No warning siren this time

U.S., E.U. Push for Ceasefire While Rockets Fly

A Black Friday

Hamas executes 18 suspected Palestinian 'collaborators' with Israel

Staggering Numbers

U.N. Syrian death toll in civil war tops 191,000


A Thriving Business?

Report: Despite crackdown, smuggling between Sinai and Gaza is flourshing

Bus Crash in Southern Sinai Kills 33

Russian, Yemeni and Saudi Arabian citizens were in head-on collision of 2 tour buses

Qatar Did It

Palestinian officials say filthy rich Gulf state sabotaged ceasefire talks

Hamas Chief Mashaal Goes Completely Insane

From luxurous Qatar, terror group's head coward claims Israel broke all the ceasefires broken by Hamas

Bluff Called

U.K. backs down on threat to suspend arms sales to Israel

Wake-Up Call

After execution, U.S. ramps up airstrikes on Iraq

U.S. Defense Secy Doesn't Sugercoat

Hagel: ISIS threat 'beyond anything we've seen'

Obama Chalks Up Another Failure

Attempt to rescue American hostages from ISIS comes back empty-handed

Barbarians at the Gate

Islamic State video shows beheading of U.S. photojournalist James Foley

International Hunt for Killer Under Way

ISIS butcher is suspected British jihadist

End U.N. Support for Terror

Experts say UNRWA should be disbanded for storing Hamas missiles

Obama Punted the Islamic State

Israeli Druze in touch with Syrian opposition says Obama could have destroyed IS easily if he had acted earlier

Finally, U.S. air force hits Iraqi IS hard

But Obama still sells arms to Hamas-loving Turkey

Ambassador Against British Racism

Israel's envoy to Britain goes to supposed 'Israel-free zone' of Bradford

ISIS to America: 'We Will Drown All of You in Blood'

Backdoor Boycott

E.U. exploiting legal technicalities to prevent sale of settlement products

Israel-Hating Norway Makes Insane Demands

Irrelevant Scandinavian nation demands Israel lift blockade

Report: Iran Attempted Huge Cyberattack on Israel During Gaza Operation


'We face the same savagery'

Netanyahu tells the world that ISIS and Hamas are part of the same evil

'Instead of attrition, Hamas will be crushed—its infrastructure, terrorists, and commanders.'

'We have not given up on our goal to overthrow Hamas and its leadership.'

'There is no crisis with the US.... We received support and I praise Obama for it.'

Hit Hard

Three senior terrorists executed in IDF air strike

Yaalon: 'He who attempts to harm Israeli civilians is taking his life in his hands.'

Analysis: Killing of Hamas chiefs will spark desperate attacks against Israel

Hamas Hits South in Desperate Bid for Revenge

One man seriously injured in mortar attack

Rocket explodes outside kindergarten; children unharmed

More than 300 missiles fired since end of ceasefire, 16 fall in Gaza itself

Rocket Intercepted Over Jerusalem Hills

Sorry, Morons

Despite Hamas threats, Ben-Gurion airport continues normal operations

Headless Corpses Found in Sinai

Jihadist terrorists suspected of killing 4 due to reported support of Egyptian army

Hamas Admits the Obvious

Official acknowledges that terror group killed three Israeli teens

Israel Law Center Seeks Extradition of Hamas Terrorist to U.S.

More Hamas Lies

Israel denies terror group's claim it fired rockets at offshore Israeli gas well

Vengeance for Shalit

Two of executed Hamas commanders were behind Gilad Shalit kidnapping

Is Deif Dead?

Suspicion rises that Hamas' terror mastermind was killed by Israeli airstrike

Deif's Death Certificate?

Gaza-based website posts alleged proof that terrorist war criminal was executed

Israel's Lone Soldiers: Who Are They?

Rocket Fire Doesn't Cease

Israel's south calls on IDF to 'immediately smash' Hamas

Analysis: Going 'For the Head' of the Octopus

IDF Calls Up 10,000 Reservists

As truce ends, Israel masses tanks, armored vehicles on Gaza border

Farmer Makes Porta-Shower for Soldiers

Port-o-Shelters Placed in Fields


Do They Have to Leave?

Some U.S. colleges cancel Israel programs

Boston Bombing Suspect's Buddy Pleads Guilty

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's friend is accused of removing backpack from dorm room

Justice Is Served

Oregon teen gets prison time for carving swastika into another teen's forehead

Epic Fail

Pogromists fail to stop Israeli cargo ship from unloading in California port

The Beasts of the Brooklyn Bridge

Pro-terror pogromists unfurl massive Palestinian flag in NYC

NYPD investigating

Woman Admits to Scamming JNF

New Yorker pleads guilty to stealing $180k

Holocaust Survivor Arrested in Missouri Protests

Hedy Epstein, 90, demands to speak to governor after fatal shooting of black youth

ADL Sounds the Alarm

Leading American Jewish organization warns of massive rise in worldwide antisemitism


Hilarious: Media Claims It Is 'Not Defending Hamas'

Genocidal Terrorists Tell Al Jazeera They're Ready to Continue War Crimes

Report shows Hamas monsters showing off weapons, tunnels, making absurd claims about Israeli casualties

Western Media Enabling Hamas



Come to 'Friday Night Dinner'

CBS to adapt British sitcom about Jewish family

'I Live. Send Help'

JDC celebrates centennial with New York Historical Society exhibit

German Panel: Return Nazi-Looted Art to Rightful Heirs

Art experts say another painting from Gurlitt collection should be given back

Life-size Amy Winehouse Statue Coming to London

Bronze likeness of late Jewish singer will be erected in Camden area

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Eleanor Bergstein's 'Dirty Dancing' now live stage show making North American debut

Israel Turns Into WiFi Hotspot

Free Internet available for tourists and Israelis

Attention Scrabble Mavens!

Yiddish word 'schmutz' is now kosher for play

Hollywood's Teen Choice: Israel's Odeya Rush

The Giver actress wins Breakout Star award


ISO: New Met Council CEO

Latest head of scandal-ridden Jewish poverty organization to step down

Jewish Student Attacked on Philly Campus

Temple U. student punched in face at pro-Palestinian booth

D.C. Area Restaurateur Served Up Death Threats

Benny's Bar and Grill owner continues to fly Israeli flag

Rabbi's Advice: How to Talk to U.S. Jewish Kids About Gaza War

Campus Hillels Attract Non-Jews

Students drawn in by social programs, Shabbat dinners and familial environment

Pittsburgh's First Jewish Mayor Dies at 96

Sophie Masloff was also city's first female leader

Antisemite in the Dock

Monstrous Jew-hating British MP George Galloway questioned by police about racist comments

Labor MP exposed as pogromist who helped attack supermarket carrying Israeli goods

Pogromists Take Out Their Racism on a Supermarket

Antisemitic Israel-haters go on rampage in British store selling Israeli products

Israelis and Jews Visit British City in Defiance of Racism

Loathsome anti-American and antisemitic MP George Galloway called Bradford 'an Israel-free zone'

Pick Your Poison: Ice or Hummus?

While ALS challenge extends worldwide, IDF soldier creates a chickpea challenge

Hungarian Camp Defies European Antisemitism

Camp Szarvas points to renewal of Jewish life

Camp Be'chol Lashon Is For Proud Jews

California is home to America's only Jewish sleepaway camp geared to Jews of color

Strategic Partnership

Schechter day school network partners with Montessori Jewish group

Tragedy in Philly

Synagogue's historian found beaten to death in his home