'A Great Man of Israel' Laid to Rest

World leaders pay respects to Shimon Peres


The Nation of Israel Mourns Founding Father Shimon Peres

Peres Planned His Own Funeral

Asked that Israeli singer David D'Or perform 'Avinu Malkeinu' and that his three children speak

Full Text of Netanyahu's Eulogy

Full Text of Obama's Eulogy

Full Text of Chemi Peres' Eulogy

The Handshake

Abbas greets Netanyahu at funeral: 'Long time, long time'

Netanyahu expresses thanks for his attendance

True Colors

Hamas slams 'contemptible' Abbas condolences to Peres family

Last Wishes

Family donates Peres' corneas as per the lifelong organ donor advocate's instructions


WSJ: U.S. signed secret document to lift U.N. sanctions on Iran bank

Fighting Terrorism

Sen. Graham targets U.S. aid to Palestinians

Imminent Advance Into Besieged City

Iran-backed Shiite fighters massing for rebel-held eastern Aleppo attack


Ukraine Marks 75 Years Since Babi Yar Massacre

Sealing the Border

Turkey says Syria border wall will be finished in five months

Jewish News in Review in 5776

Obama-Kerry's Big Threat To Russia: We're Not Gonna Talk to You Anymore!

Darkness and Fear in Aleppo as the Bombs Rain Down

Putin and Assad Are Outdoing ISIS in Mass Murder

NYT Takes on Corbyn, But Doesn't Once Mention His Antisemitism

Take That, Obama

Iran's next leader even worse than Khamenei

How Do You Say ‘Heil Hitler’ in Arabic?

Bahraini journalist shocked by students’ love of Hitler

Antisemitism Comes to China

Government reportedly cracking down on ancient Jewish community of Kaifeng

Times Are a Changing

Saudi newspaper encourages Abbas to address Knesset


Immigration Down

Since last Rosh Hashanah, Israel sees downturn in emigration from France and Ukraine

Sweet and Healthy New Year

Leket Israel food bank prepares for holiday by picking apples

Gaza Man Killed in Terror Tunnel Collapse

No Love For Peres

Arab leaders refuse to attend funeral of former Israeli president

Lying in State

Israelis view Peres’ casket in last goodbye

Public Flocks to Knesset to View Coffin

Bill Clinton Pays His Respects

Half Mast

Obama orders flags lowered in memory of Peres

Kurds Honor Peres

‘Peres assisted the Kurdish people and his passing was a big loss to the Kurdish people and supporters of peace in the world.’

A Surprise Tribute

Bahraini Foreign Minister tweets, ‘Rest in peace President Shimon Peres, a man of war and a man of the still elusive peace in the Middle East.’

Where Are We?

Opposition outraged that there are no leftist speakers at Peres’ funeral

‘It is wrong that there is no representative of Peres's political camp speaking at his funeral. There will be no one there to express the views of half the nation.’

Jerusalem Unites in Praising Peres

Both Jews and Arabs see him as dedicated peacemaker

Peres and the Ultimate Weapon

How he brokered a deal to create Israel’s nuclear program

Making of a Statesman

How Peres began his illustrious career

Shimon Peres Dies at 93

Hillary and Bill Clinton Too

‘Hillary and I have lost a true and treasured friend. … I'll never forget how happy he was 23 years ago when he signed the Oslo Accords on the White House lawn, heralding a more hopeful era in Israeli-Palestinian relations.’

Cabinet Observes Moment of Silence

‘This is the first day in Israel without Shimon Peres’

President Rivlin: ‘There is not a chapter in the history of the State of Israel in which Shimon did not write or play a part.’

Family: ‘Our father’s legacy has always been to look to tomorrow’

World Leaders Eulogize

George H.W. Bush: ‘It was by his innate humanity, his decency, that Shimon inspired the world over.’

George W. Bush: ‘The Bush family will miss Shimon Peres and his grace, dignity, and optimism.’

Putin: ‘I admired his courage, his sense of homeland, his wisdom and long-term vision.’

Tony Blair: ‘He was an inspiration, a mentor and a friend. … Though he grew older, his spirit never did.’

French President: ‘Shimon Peres now belongs to history, which was the companion of his long life.’

Paul Ryan: ‘Shimon Peres was a gift to the country he helped establish and lead, and a persistent voice for the cause of peace.’

Bennett: Last of Israel's Founding Fathers

Abbas Sends Condolences

Nuclear Pioneer

In His Own Words

'For me, dreaming is simply being pragmatic'

Grandfather Told Him ‘Be a Jew Forever’

His Life in Pictures

Why Bibi Is More Successful Than Obama

Closing In On Nine

On eve of Rosh Hashana, Israel’s population stands at 8.6 million


Elections 2016

Jewish vote key in battleground states of Pennsylvania and Florida

The Jewish Vote

Study: Patterns geared more toward liberal causes than Israel

Act of Justice

Congress votes to override Obama veto of 9/11 bill

Bibi and the Debaters

Israeli PM cited by Trump on Iran deal, says both candidates will support Israel

Trump Says He Was 'Holding Back' in Debate

Analysis: Holt's Assist to Hillary

Stephen Hayes: Trump Beats Expectations

Obama's Holiday Phone Call With Rabbis

President says Jewish role in advancing civil rights can inspire change

Obama's Opening Remarks

Heroes to Heroes

U.S. veterans with PTSD find common bond and healing in Israel

Beloved No Longer

ADL declares Pepe the Frog a hate symbol

Taking No Chances

California man sentenced to 30 years for trying to join ISIS


Netanyahu's Speech to U.N. General Assembly


'Paint by Numbers'

Exhibition at Hebrew Union College Museum in Manhattan explores the meaning of numbers in Judaism

Israel's Bedouin Get Their Close-up

'Sand Storm' is Israel's Academy Awards entry


A chat with Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt and Rachel Weisz, actress who plays her in the film 'Denial'

British actress had to learn to talk like a Jewish woman from Queens


It May Be Free Speech, But It Is Vile

Antisemitic fliers found on cars at San Francisco-area train stops

Take That, BDSers

Apple said to be quietly developing iPhone8 hardware in Israel

Don't Mess With Her

90-year-old Holocaust survivor fights off mugger in Greenwich Village

Joseph Sitruk, Former Chief Rabbi of France, Dies at 71

Top Jewish Newsmakers of 5776

Pollard, Sanders and Ivanka make the list

Up the Corporate Ladder

Staples hires Boston Jewish community leader Shira Goodman as CEO

Sign of the Times

Manhattan JCC branch will open in Harlem

Keeping Yiddish Alive

University of Wisconsin celebrates a century of Yiddish studies

Celebrity Chefs Share Rosh Hashanah Recipes

California Winemaker Devoted to Producing Kosher Wines

Revitalizing the Old Jewish Deli

Go Blue and White

Israel defeats Great Britain, advances to World Baseball Classic

He Stayed and Fought

Germany marks death of Holocaust survivor Max Mannheimer, who dedicated his live to the war on antisemitism

Virtually Unwrapped

New 3-D technology allows scientists to read ancient scroll