Ethiopian Jews Rally Again

Following violent protests against police

brutality, activists gather in Tel Aviv

Photo: Simply Boaz


Thousands of Protesters Block Tel Aviv Highway


Netanyahu to meet Ethiopian soldier roughed up by cops

The Ingathering

Global Jewish Immigration Up 40% in 2015

Forward March

Saudi army launches ground offensive in Yemen

Demanding Oversight

Likely presidential candidate Bobby Jindal says, 'If senators really think it’s OK ... for Iran not to recognize the state of Israel ... I want to see them take that vote.'

'I wish Obama would negotiate with Iran as hard as he’s negotiating with the U.S. Senate.'

Jeb Bush announces opposition to Iran deal

German Chancellor Commemorates Liberation of Dachau

'We Germans have a particular responsibility here to handle what we perpetrated in the period of National Socialism attentively, sensitively, and also knowledgeably.'

Scandinavian Jews Preparing to Flee?

Israeli Realtor: 'We've seen an upswing in buyers from Scandinavia ... on the backdrop of the anti-Semitism they are experiencing.'

Looking Barbarism in the Eye

German journalist embeds with ISIS, says, 'They think they will conquer the whole world.'

Give Us the Guns

Arab states demand major new weapon systems in exchange for supporting Iran deal


Iran Caught in the Act?

Reuters: Britain tells U.N. monitors of active Iran nuclear procurement

Iran Warships Reach Strategic Strait

U.S. Navy Patrols the Gulf

Warships provide protection through Hormuz

Terror Threat in Tunisia

Israel says Jews should be careful on Lag b'Omer

Tunisia Denies

'We have nothing on that. There are no threats.'

Analysis: Tensions High Along Syria-Israel Border, But No One Wants War

Freedom Flotilla III

Report: Three ships to set sail for Gaza this summer

Saudi Arabia Thwarts ISIS Attack on U.S. Embassy

Arrests 93 people accused of links to terrorists

Saudi Shakeup

King Salman promotes nephew to crown prince

Monarch Moves Country in More Conservative Direction

Memories of Munich

Center documenting Nazi atrocities opens in Munich

Rare Discovery

4,400-year-old statue of Egyptian pharaoh found


Argentina to pay reparations to victims of 1994 bombing of Jewish community center

Putting Off the Palestinians

U.S., Arab states ask France to postpone U.N. resolution on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Syrian Opposition Reports Chemical Attacks

Watch Obama do nothing

No Strategy for Syria

Obama administration is unprepared for collapse of Assad regime

An Audience With the Pope

Rome chief rabbi meets with Holy See at the Vatican

U.K. Prime Minister Weighs in on Israel's Side

David Cameron emphasizes 'the importance of standing by Israel and Israel’s right to defend itself.'


Ethiopian Israelis Warn of 'Israeli Baltimore'

Netanyahu condemns beating of soldier but calls for calm

Violent Clashes Break Out in Jerusalem

'This situation cannot continue. We're Israelis just like everyone else.'

Police Chief Denies Excessive Force

'I would like to commend the Jerusalem District and backup officers for the restraint they exhibited.'

Still Squabbling

With only three days to go, potential coalition partners bicker and threaten

Carter Hearts Hamas

Former president endorses Palestinian unity government that includes terrorist group

Meanwhile, on Planet Carter

Hamas leader Mashaal committed to peace, Israel not

Says Netanyahu 'does not now and has never sincerely believed in a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine.'

Back in the Real World: ISIS Slaughters 300 Yazidis While World Looks On

'You have the opportunity and the strength to be moral. Use it.'

An interview with the leader of Israel's Arab party

Still Searching

Israeli hiker remains missing following Nepal quake

Trust Us

Kerry tells Israeli television, 'We will be able to know what Iran is doing and prevent them from getting a nuclear weapon.'

Losing the Edge?

Obama may sacrifice Israel's military superiority to appease Arab fears

U.S.-Israel Reset?

Netanyahu makes overtures to White House on Palestinian issues

While U.S. expects Israel to agree to two-state solution

Rice: Washington seeks 'genuine' Israeli commitment

U.N. Report: Israel Was Right

Inquiry confirms Hamas fired weapons from U.N. schools

Shabbat Bus to Run in Jerusalem

On Second Thought...

At last minute, former President Jimmy Carter cancels Gaza visit, or did Hamas call off meeting?

Israel on Frontlines of Nepal Aid and Rescue

'Whoever saves one life saves an entire world'


Hate Spreads to High Schools

Video sounds the alarm on Boston University-affiliated workshop that is anti-Israel

Birthday Message From the Prime Minister


Pop Star Defies BDS

Robbie Williams plays Tel Aviv despite racist calls to cancel

Nano Bible on Display

World's smallest Bible in Jerusalem's Israel Museum

'TODAY' Producer on Growing up Latina and Jewish

Russian-American Jews Top Ballroom Dancers

Kudos to Israeli Filmmaker

Nadav Lapid named Best Director at the Buenos Aires Film Festival for 'The Kindergarten Teacher'

The Heroic Hunters

Couple who spent their lives bringing Nazis to justice finally publish their memoirs

N.Y.'s Museum of Biblical Art to Close

Despite recent Donatello exhibit triumph, small museum shuts down due to lack of funding

Ugly, Antisemitic Film Airs in Turkey

'The Mastermind' said to be calculated move to win votes from devout Muslims

A Family's Dark History

Film 'A Nazi Legacy: What Our Fathers Did' forces two sons to face the sins of their fathers

Lionel Hampton Score Donated to Ben-Gurion Archives


German Chancellor Marks End of World War II

'We Germans have a special responsibility to be alert, sensitive and aware of what we did during the Nazi era.'

As British Jews Brace for Tour of Antisemitic Play

'Many of the men featured in "The Siege" have murdered innocent people.'

Argentine Government Slanders Jewish Groups

And the French Pogrom Continues

40 Pro-Palestinian antisemites attack two Jews in Paris


Jewish day school in D.C. receives $20 million gift for new middle school

Students Stand Up Against Intolerance

U. of Kansas Jewish frat expels members over anti-Muslim video

Bloomberg Pays it Forward

Former N.Y. mayor regifts $1 million Genesis Prize to 9 new initiatives

Elie Wiesel: 'To be Jewish is not simply a matter of birth. We must do something with it, with ourselves.'

'Firing Line' for the Win

Jewish racehorse owner enters his thoroughbred in the Kentucky Derby