Terror Wave in Sinai

Netanyahu: 'Terrorism is knocking on our borders'


Egypt's War

Sophisticated weapons used in Sinai offensive

Egyptian Police Kill 9 Muslim Brotherhood Members

Netanyahu: 'We Are Partners With Egypt in Fight Against ISIS'

IDF Okays Buildup of Egyptian Forces

Analysis: Egypt Losing Its War Against ISIS in Sinai

Analysis: For Egypt, Avenging Sinai Attack May Include Striking Gaza

Peacekeepers at Risk in Egypt's Sinai

Hamas-Hezbollah Powwow

Marzouk visits Beirut to meet Nasrallah reportedly to discuss Israel ceasefire

Obama's Word No Good

U.S. State Department backs away from anti-BDS language that was signed into law


Tunisian Hotel Victims Mainly Brits

All 38 killed in terror attack identified; 30 were British

Authorities Arrest 12 After Beach Violence; Hunt for Libya-Trained Suspects

A Saudi Prince Departs With His Money

Alwaleed bin Talal pledges $32 billion to charity

ISIS: Next, We Take Gaza

A World of Terror


Top Egyptian prosecutor murdered by terrorists

President al-Sisi promises swift action

Getting Ready

British security services hold massive anti-terror exercise

ISIS Doubles Down on Barbarism

Terror group beheads two women for 'sorcery'

Sends death threats to Saudi comedian

France confirms beheading was terrorist attack, inspired by ISIS

Israeli President Says Ramadan Has Become Month of Terror

'Terror is terror is terror.'

Is Assad All Done?

Israeli official: 'This Bashar Assad, he will be remembered in history textbooks as the one who lost Syria.'

WSJ Reveals White House's Treachery

Report: U.S. opened secret lines to Iran in 2009, continually offered concessions to mullahs to entice them to talk

Yeah, Right...

Obama says he would walk away from bad nuclear deal with Iran

U.S., Iran Extend Deadline for Nuclear Talks

What the deal would mean for ordinary Iranians

Can You Say Capitulation?

How the Obama White House caved on Iran and strayed far from its original course

White House Changes Tune Yet Again

Says Iran doesn't need to show all military sites

'There are secrets that any country has that they are not willing to share.'

AP: America Should Just Give Up and Give Iran the Bomb

Analysis: Khamenei Calling Shots in Iran Talks, Not Obama

The Viennese Waltz

In Austria, 'diplomatic will' prevails

Good Riddance

Antisemitic leader arrested in Britain

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Poll shows '90 percent of Greeks agreed with the statement that "Jews have too much power in the business world." '

The Bad Joke

Egyptian TV show stages mock Israeli execution

The Double Game

France seeks to leverage Saudi Arabia, Gulf states against Iran

The Sticking Points

The issues that could still delay a deal on Iranian nukes


Israel Wishes U.S. Happy July 4

'We cherish our friendship,' says Netanyahu

P.M. Address at Independence Day Celebration

Paying the Price

Home of Har Nof synagogue terrorist sealed


Stephens: 'No Israeli slight is too minor not to be met with overreaction'

2,000-year-old Mikve Uncovered Under Living Room in Ein Kerem

United Church of Christ to Divest From Companies in West Bank

Israel Denounces Church Boycott as Immoral

'People of faith ought to be acting to help Israel and the Palestinians to renew efforts to achieve peace, rather than endlessly demonizing one party in the conflict.' 


At least 95 killed in five coordinated attacks on checkpoints

On Behalf of Terror

Israeli officials warn U.N. report on Gaza will encourage Hamas to use human shields

Hamas: We're Stronger Now Than 2014

Shin Bet: Hamas Readying for Next War


Hamas terror network rolled up in the West Bank

Shin Bet Discovers Cash and Gold

Flotilla Footage

IDF releases video showing interception of Gaza-bound vessel

'Humanitarian Aid' Fit in Two Boxes

Jewish Terror Victim, 26, Laid to Rest

Family calls for 'unity among the people of Israel.'


Settlers Demand More Protection

'We must emphasize that we will not leave here and will not run away. The army must do its job better.'

'This looks like an attack that was well-planned and not a spontaneous attack.'

Bibi Calls Out the P.A.

'The fact that the Palestinian Authority has still not condemned these terror attacks should disturb not only us, but the entire international community.'


DEVELOPING: U.S. Navy Yard in Lockdown After Reports of Shooter

A gunman killed 12 people there in 2013

Cruz: U.S. Move on Cuba Embassy 'Slap in the Face' to Israel

Williamsburg Paintball Attacks Investigated

NYPD: Possible pattern of bias assaults

Oklahoma: Ten Commandments Must Go

State Supreme Court rules monument must be removed from state grounds

Jews on Board

Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio gains the support of top Jewish donor

New Initiative Fights BDS

Website collects stories of anti-Israel violence and intimidation on college campuses

The Iran Lobby

Group that supports the ayatollahs' regime gets ready to counter pro-Israel groups in D.C.

This Is Bizarre

Jewish anti-gay group reportedly pays Mexicans to serve as stand-in parade protesters

Former Obama Aides Blast Iran Deal

Top officials say agreement doesn't go far enough

Into the Fray

At long last, AIPAC gears up to fight Obama on Iran


Netanyahu Warns World Jewry Against Threats

'Imagine' the World's Hypocrisy

Just Deserts

Foreign press outraged over Israeli-made satire of Gaza coverage


BOAZ BISMUTH: Time to Eliminate Islamic State

JONATHAN TOBIN: U.S. Administration Won't Enforce Law Against Israel Boycotts

JOSH BLOCK: Congress Must Reject a Bad Nuclear Deal With Iran

GUY BECHOR: The French-Qatari Alliance Against Israel

DANNY RUBINSTEIN: What the Palestinians Think About a Third Intifada

JAMES KIRCHICK: The State of Israeli Gay Rights

JEFFREY GOLDBERG: Me and Michael Oren

AMICHAI MAGEN: Israel and Europe Are Facing the Same Threat

SHMULEY BOTEACH: Why Is the ADL Defending Obama?

PAUL GROSS: The Left Is Incapable of Condemning Radical Islam


Kafka Legal Battle Ends

Court rules manuscripts of celebrated writer belong in National Library in Jerusalem

Israel Helps Keep Churches Safe

Churchix app provides more security

Irish Dancing Festival Next BDS Target

Analysis: Boycott of Tel Aviv fest shows the face of bigotry

Black Mark on U.S. Museums

Report accuses American museums of failing to address Nazi-era stolen art claims

BOOKS: Behind-the-Scenes Look at IDF Operations

Yossi Alpher's 'Periphery: Israel's Search for Middle East Allies' reveals covert strategies

Secrets of Jewish Wisdom

Talmud study now popular in South Korea

Trailblazer in Berlin

Russian maestro Kirill Petrenko named first Jewish music director of Philharmonic

Refuses interviews after antisemitic comments


Antisemitism in the Big Apple

'British Schindler' Dies at 106

Nicholas Winton saved hundreds of Jewish Czech children

The Queen Visits Bergen-Belsen

British monarch makes her first visit to concentration camp

Elie Wiesel Receives Honorary Doctorate

Holocaust survivor recognized by John Paul II Papal University in Poland

Tragedy in Crown Heights

Lubavitcher rabbi dies after after livery cab hits him three times

Kol Hakavod!

Israelis win 12 medals at European Games

Nobody Puts Kutsher's in the Corner

Famed 'Dirty Dancing' Catskills Jewish resort to become yoga retreat

Kosher Clover

Boston veggie chain gets certification

ADL Poll: Antisemitism Down in France, Belgium

Belgium will add more security funding for Jewish institutions

Message to French Jews

New $11 million Jewish cultural institution will be built in Paris