Yeah, Right

Obama tells American Jews that surrender

deal ensures Iran will not get the bomb


Playing Both Sides

Saudi Arabia draws closer to both Israel and Hamas

The 9/11 Bomb?

Former German official claims U.S. considered using nukes following mega-terror attack

In Too Deep?

American involvement in fight against ISIS splitting Middle Eastern allies

The Phoney War

U.S. refuses to attack ISIS training camps

Bracing for Jihad

Europe ponders how to secure its public transportation against attacks

Lebanon on the Brink?

Protests escalate as demonstrators call for revolution

'People want the downfall of the regime!'

What Else Don't We Know?

Possible Parchin construction points to folly of Iran side deal


The Path to an Iran Vote

White House prefers filibuster to sustained veto

Power Pouts

Rejecting Iran deal would isolate Washington, says U.S. envoy to U.N.

Grim Death Tolls

71 bodies found suffocated in truck in Austria said to be Syrian refugees

Migrant Shipwreck Off Libya Claims 200 Africans

Europe's Migrant Crisis

Foreign Fighters

Americans head to Iraq and Syria to join the battle against ISIS

Swiss Trash Tasteless Cartoon

Switzerland 'regrets' Iranian envoy's display of anti-Netanyahu cartoon

Key ISIS Recruiter Killed in Airstrike

British hacker Junaid Hussain dies after U.S. hit in Syria

Antisemitism Swirls Around Candidate for Leadership of U.K. Labour Party

Photo: Gary Knight

U.K. Jewish Group Sues BDS

Jewish leader says local council's boycott decision takes 'steps down an antisemitic path'

'Completely Absurd'

Senior British MP slams petition calling for Netanyahu's arrest


Violence Goes Viral

Internet video shows IDF soldier being beaten while trying to arrest stone-throwing boy

Iran's 'Malign Activities'

U.S. sanctions czar in Israel to discuss combatting Tehran's terrorism

Study: 15 Percent of Settlers are Americans

Some 60,000 U.S. Jews, out of the 170,000 in Israel, live in West Bank

'Everything Takes Time'

Foreign Ministry head Dore Gold hopeful Israel and Turkey will restore relationship

Raid Uncovers Weapons Cache

In addition to guns, IDF finds firearms magazines hidden in teddy bear

Israel Strikes Gaza After Rocket Attack

IAF hits Hamas munitions site


Terrorist who stabbed Israeli soldier was set free in peace talks prisoner release

The Wave of Terror

Violence escalates in Jerusalem

Hamas Propaganda Video Claims IDF Mistook Terrorist's Body for Captive Soldier

Slain soldier's family rejects Hamas lies

The Tunnel Threat

Hamas releases video showing terrorist training in terror tunnels


Trump, Cruz Team Up for Rally Against Deal

GOP presidential candidates slated to appear at Sept. 9 Capitol Hill event

Beyond the Pale

Dems condemn Hikind for insensitive remarks

N.Y. state assemblyman has personally attacked Rep. Nadler and Obama

Swing State Poll

Voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania oppose Iran deal by more than 2 to 1

Jeb Bush's Brain Trust

Report: GOP presidential candidate to form Jewish leadership team

Larry King Talks U.S. Politics on Israel Trip

Veteran American TV journalist: 'I don't think Trump can win.'

A Dubious Enemy

Antisemite David Duke likes Trump on immigration, hates him on 'Zionism'

Liberal Jewish Senate Democrats Set to Ensure Obama Victory

Democrats feel momentum is on their side

Bad News for Barack

Swing state voters overwhelmingly oppose Iran deal

Obama Crazies Attack Journalists

'This is apparently the price to be paid for reporting anything that challenges support for a deal that has reached, among its adherents, the status of a dogma that tolerates no heresy.'

Obama: Opponents of deal are deranged

BDS Haters Attack Ben & Jerry's

Draw caricatures of Jewish founders

Strike Out

World Series champ Curt Schilling suspended from ESPN after comparing Muslims to Nazis

Bernie Goes All Out

Jewish presidential candidate Bernie Sanders serves raw meat to his progressive base


Who Will Help SpongeBob? Jewish Teens Will

Some Good News

Endangered sand cat gives birth at Ramat Gan zoo

The Speech

Egyptian graduate of Tel Aviv University hails coexistence


YOSSI MELMAN: The Iran Deal Is Bibi's Fault

TAL SHALEV: Will the Barack-Bibi Spat Blow Over?


ELIE BARNAVI: Under the Persian Rug at Parchin

JONATHAN TOBIN: Bad ISIS Intelligence? Military Told Obama What He Wanted to Hear

BRENDAN O'NEILL: Nobody Cares About Racism When Jews Are the Target

DAN FEFERMAN: A Better Iran Deal Is Impossible


F.B.I. Warns Art Dealers

Agency issues alert to be on lookout for pieces sold by Islamic State

Sour Note

Israeli conductor Daniel Barenboim may lead a Berlin orchestra in Tehran

No Problem

Israel Museum repairs crack after young girl breaks ancient Roman-era vase

Mayim Bialik Speaks Out

Orthodox Jewish actress says she took flak for her visit to Israel; religion not 'trendy' in Hollywood

'Hasidic Hendrix' Passes Away

Orthodox rocker Yosi Piamenta dies at 64

Jazz Fusion

Israeli flutist Hadar Noiberg meshes Western harmonies with Middle Eastern tempos

Oh, Natalie...

Israeli-American film star Natalie Portman says Holocaust should not be 'used as a paranoid way of thinking that we are victims.'

Matisyahu Brings Music to Synagogue Near Auschwitz

Matisyahu Plays Spain -- to Protests

As singer takes stages, chants of 'out, out'

Defies Protesters With Palestinian Flags

'3,000 years with no place to be, and they want me to give up my milk and honey.'

Hitting Back

Major tea company refuses to sponsor music festival for banning Matisyahu

Sinatra for Israel

The legendary singer was one of Zionism's greatest supporters


Asking Forgiveness

Monaco apologizes for deporting Jews during Holocaust; monument unveiled bearing names

All in the Family

Israel ranked fourth best place worldwide to raise a family

Jewish Cafe Re-opens in Shanghai

White Horse Cafe was popular meeting place for Jewish refugees during WWII

Ten Years After Katrina

New Orleans Jewish community stronger than ever

Chabad Expands Campus Presence

To combat antisemitism, 19 new emissary couples will fan out across U.S. colleges

Study Reveals BDS Impact on Campus Is Exaggerated

But pro-Israel group also warns of increase in campus BDS campaigns

Jewish Aid Group Exec to Step Down

Alan Gill, CEO of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, will leave in 2016

Putting the Pieces Back Together

D.C. women reclaim mikvah with collaborative, colorful new mural

'Eye From Zion' Initiative

Israeli doctors restore eyesight to 90 in Kyrgyzstan

Warsaw's River of Secrets

Jewish tombstone fragments discovered under Poland's Vistula River

Survey Says:

Numbers of U.S. Orthodox Jews Growing; Most Declare Themselves Republicans


Orthodox views similar to those of evangelical Christians


American football star Julian Edelman has fun summer adventure in Israel

Hamptons Eruv Will Extend to Two Towns

Big Givers

Kirk and Anne Douglas donate $80 million to charities, including Sinai Temple in L.A.

Cutting Edge Research

Autism Center to open in Jerusalem

Chianti and Kashrut

At Tuscany's only kosher winery, Italian owners adhere to high standards