Syrian Opposition Spokesman: Israel Hit

Hezbollah Chemical Weapons Convoy


Egypt’s Christians Targeted

Suicide bombing hits country’s largest church

Woman and children specifically targeted

What a Shock

Islamic radicals suspected

Blood Money Works

After payoff to Gaza flotilla thugs, Turkey sends ambassador to Israel

‘His support for Israel is very clear’

In 60 Minutes interview, Netanyahu says Trump can be trusted

Trump to Pick Exxon Chief Rex Tillerson as Sec. of State

Position on Israel unclear

Obama World

Iran races to clinch oil deals before Trump takes office

Congress Backs Israel

Gives $600 million for missile defense

Camera Debunks Carter

Analysis of NY Times piece reveals lies


ISIS back in Palymra

WSJ: Inside the Battle for Mosul


Hezbollah's Victory Howl

Terror group claims its conquest of Aleppo is now certain

Kerry Whines, Begs

Secretary of state desperately pleads for safe passage of rebels, civilians

Good Riddance

Terrorist behind Charlie Hebdo attack killed in air strike

Bahrain, Beware

ISIS calls for attacks on U.S. bases in Persian Gulf

Rise of the Righteous Man

France's Manuel Valls, implacable enemy of antisemitism, prepares his presidential run

Bashar the Butcher Still Hates Israel

Syrian dictator Assad says Jewish state is still country's only enemy

Antisemite Busted

British man convicted for waging racist campaign against Jewish MP

They Won’t Stop Us

Denmark’s chief rabbi says circumcision will not be banned

Football's Antisemitism Problem

Author reports upsurge in racial hatred on Europe's playing fields


Settlement Controversy Continues

State to seek delay in demolition of Amona outpost

Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shocks

Claims women should not serve in the army or national service

Don't Cross Israel's Red Lines

Airstrikes indicate Hezbollah smuggling chemical weapons

Foot, Meet Mouth

Coalition whip says Arabs shouldn't vote

Regional Partners

Israel, Greece, Cyprus form emergency response force

Boycotting the Boycotters

New York state places Dutch firms on blacklist for alleged Israel ban

Israel Says Amona Evacuation Delay Needed

Soldiers, police train for several scenarios

Bill to Legalize West Bank Outposts Advances

The Benefits of Army Service

Israeli men have high life-expectancy, perhaps due to mandatory military duty

Biblical Sheep Baaack

119 Jacobís sheep, a heritage breed mentioned in Genesis, arrive for first time in millenia

Calling His Bluff

Bibi says he’s willing to meet Abbas in Paris

Land Thieves

Look who's really stealing land in the West Bank


Moscow's Election Game

CIA concludes Russian intelligence intervened to help elect Trump

Trump Slams

'These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.'

AIPAC Lauds Lawmakers

U.S. Congress approves missile defense funding for Israel

Godspeed, John Glenn

Pioneer U.S. astronaut dies at 95; closest friend was Holocaust survivor

The View From Campus

Despite Israel boycott efforts, U.S.-Israel academic collaboration soars

Obama World

U.S. life expectancy declines for first time since 1993

It's Above Board

Antiboycott groups pay for Massachusetts state officials' Israel trips

It Can Happen Anywhere

White supremacists, neo-Nazi posters hung at Emerson College in Boston


Dylan Doesn’t Show Up

Legendary Jewish singer-songwriter sends speech to Nobel Prize ceremony

‘Like Shakespeare, I too am often occupied with the pursuit of my creative endeavors. … Not once have I ever had the time to ask myself, “Are my songs literature?”’

Bieber Mania

U.S. pop star will perform in Israel in 2017

Trump Deconstructed

Look closely at Israeli photographer's Time Magazine cover photo

Ad 120!

Star-studded bash planned for actor Kirk Douglas' 100th birthday

Celebrity biographer: Kirk Douglas is a man who never forgot who he was


Final Chance

New database helps Holocaust survivors reclaim property in Poland

Hillel Gets Record Gift

Marcus Foundation, created by Home Depot founder, will donate $38 million

Hanukkah at the White House

Peres' son and granddaughter will light Hanukkah candles at Obamas' last ceremony

A Hanukkah Battle

How a 'largest menorah' tiff landed two rabbis in Jewish court

Good for Google

Search engine removes 'are Jews evil' from search suggestion

May Their Names Be For a Blessing

Brooklyn mother who lost 7 children in house fire plans to build family center on site

Worldwide Search a Success

Jewish cancer patient finds bone marrow donor after highly publicized campaign

Looted Art Battle

Jewish family tussles with Spanish museum about priceless painting

Need for Security

U.K. pledges $17 million to protect Jewish institutions



Israeli company successfully grafts lab-grown bones into patients


Growing new bone from corals raised in the Israeli desert