Abbas condemns the Holocaust after years of denial



Give Us Everything, Blah, Blah, Blah

Palestinians hand over list of insane demands

Fools Errand

Fatah officials trying once again for unity with Hamas

What The...?

Fatah leader accuses al-Qaeda leader of 'Zionism'

Rebels Strike Damascus

Syrian parliament hit by mortar strike

Riots Break Out on Temple Mount

Site closed after Arabs throw rocks and fire flares; police respond with tear gas

Abbas Threatens to Dismantle P.A.; Bennett Responds: 'We Won't Stop Him'

Report: Ukrainian Synagogue Firebombed

Chabad website reports synagogue in Nikolayev attacked; no casualties

Hollande: We Have 'Information' Syria Using Chemical Weapons

Egypt Thwarts Smugglers of Jewish Artifacts

Officials search cargo ship and discover treasure trove on its way to Belgium


Israel's GDP Hits New High in 2013

Israelis make average of $37,500 per year

Netanyahu Gives Up on the Palestinians

'When they want peace, they should let us know. Because we want a genuine peace.'

ANALYSIS: Abbas won't dare dismantle the P.A.

Likud Minister: 'We must make it clear that if the Authority announces it is dismantling, that would cancel the immunity given to the PLO leadership as part of the Oslo Accords.'

A Guarded Optimism?

Israel's top intelligence experts say region is slowly stabilizing, maybe...

The Mighty Fallen

Leader of social justice protest movement now working in a beauty parlor


End of Passover tradition celebrates faith

Holiday Tensions in Jerusalem

U.N. peace envoy criticizes Israeli Easter security

Israel Calls Critique 'Odd'


Democratic Congresswoman: We love the Jews!

'Despite millions of dollars being thrown by the Republicans to try to persuade the Jewish community to support Republicans, the Jewish community voted 70 percent in 2012 for Barack Obama.'

U.S. Will Ease Visa Approvals for Young Israelis

From Capitol Hill: Fears of Israeli Spying Kept Israel Out of U.S. Visa Waiver Program

Beantown Pride

Boston's Jews ready for first post-attack marathon

CNN: U.S. 'Trolls' for Jihadists Online

Gov't. engages with Muslim extremists on social media

Interfaith Memorial Held at Kansas City JCC

The Monster Mayor

Kansas City killer's hometown mayor says, 'The Jew-run medical industry has succeeded in destroying the United States work force... made a few Jews rich by killin' us off.'

'The people that run the Federal Reserve, they’re Jewish.'

Now Mayor Faces Impeachment

Obama: 'We will never lose faith that compassion and justice will ultimately triumph over hate and fear.'


Passover Priestly Blessing at the Kotel

Netanyahu Family Tours Israel's North



Looking for Tom Lehrer

Comedy's mysterious satirist and musician abruptly stopped career

On the Auction Block

Edgar Bronfman's art collection up for sale

Wild World

Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens), inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Hate Speech Charges Against Bob Dylan Dropped

French court rules on technicality about Rolling Stone interview

Spider-Man Actor: Yeah, He's Jewish

'He uhms and ahs about his future because he’s neurotic. He’s Jewish.... My father’s Jewish. I have that in me for sure.'


The Donetsk Fog

The mystery behind the demand that Ukrainian Jews register with pro-Russian authorities

The Chips Weren't Down

Poker ace skips Mom's seders, but wins $1 million at tourney

Warsaw Marks 71st Anniversary of Ghetto Uprising

Dutch Scandal

Amsterdam fined Holocaust victims for unpaid taxes while they were in camps

How Dutch Student Uncovered the Story

Cultivating Great Jewish Leaders

New $1 million initiative aims to foster U.S. professional Jewish leadership