Hillary Makes History

First woman to get presidential nomination

Pledges to 'keep supporting Israel's security'


DNC Day 4

Text of Hillary Clinton's Speech

Trump Furiously Tweets

Accuses Clinton of 'unleashing destruction, terrorism and ISIS across the world'

It Gets Worse

Post-convention, Trump says he 'wanted to hit' Democratic convention speakers

Unforgettable Moment

Father of slain U.S. Muslim Army captain asks Trump: Have you even read the Constitution?

Dermer Underscores Bipartisan Support for Israel

Dire Warning

F.B.I. chief predicts 'terrorist diaspora' out of Syria

Secret Trove

U.S. secures new intelligence data about ISIS fighters

Partners on Land and Sea

IDF special forces and U.S. Marines train in Negev secret drill for combating ISIS

Netanyahu Welcomes Cairo Peace Push

'There's so much we can do together.'

Text of PM's statement for Egypt's National Day

The Weapons Flow

Investigation reveals arms from Eastern European nations end up in Syria

Caught in the Crosshairs

Another American-Iranian detained in Iran

Bolstering Israel

Dem VP nominee Kaine, senators urge more funding for Israel's missile defense

And Sharp Criticism

State Department rebukes Israel about settlements expansion and terrorist home demolitions

Kerry to meet with Abbas in Paris

Pope Walks Alone, in Silence

'Lord, forgive so much cruelty,' Francis writes in Auschwitz memorial book

U.S. rabbi calls on pontiff to remove church from premises


Unfriendly Visitor

Iran says top commander toured Quneitra at Israel-Syrian border

Syrian Refugee Arrested for Normandy Church Attack

Yet Another One

ISIS supporters murder French priest in terror attack

Judge released killer over objections of prosecutors

WSJ: For Many Christians in the Middle East, Persecution or Worse

Iran Threatens to Close Strait of Hormuz

If 'threatened,' army would shut off strategic gateway to the Persian Gulf

What Does Merkel Have to Say?

NGO Monitor: Germany donates millions to anti-Israel boycott groups

ISIS Terror Attack in Syria

At least 50 people killed after devices explode

Can Europe Save Itself?

'A civilization that believes in nothing will ultimately submit to anything'

One of Ours

ISIS uploads video of German suicide bomber pledging allegiance to barbaric terror group



Shimon Peres, 92 successfully treated for irregular heartbeat

Cornflakes Scandal

Unilever under fire after products found contaminated with salmonella

Is Israel Prepared?

Report: Hamas digging six miles of tunnel each month toward Israel

Watchful Eyes

IDF to install more security cameras along Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway

Terrorist to Terrorist

Fatah and Hamas to hold another round of reconciliation talks

Does Bibi Prefer Trump?

Spokesman: 'The Prime Minister expressed no preference whatsoever in this presidential race.'

Giuliani: 'I’ve talked to the members of the Israeli government at the highest levels. I know who they want elected here. It’s not Hillary Clinton. It’s not Obama 3.'

Yaalon: Bibi Was Willing to Give Palestinians the Jordan Valley

'I wouldn’t give up complete Israeli control over the Jordan Valley and Jewish settlements in the West Bank and all of Jerusalem.'

To Mars!

Buzz Aldrin, second man on the moon, tells Technion students to set their sights on the red planet

'If not now, when? If not us, who?'

Religion of Peace Attacks Tourists

Waqf officials assault visitor to Temple Mount

Enough With the Racism

Jewish activists gather to denounce U.N.'s hate campaign against Israel

Good Riddance

Terrorist who murdered rabbi killed in shootout with Israeli troops

What Is There to Say?

Palestinians to sue Britain over Balfour Declaration

Hamas Trains Teen Girls for Combat

Where's Bibi?

Bennett accuses Netanyahu of failing to deal with tunnel threat


Bibi: 'The accusation that we didn’t prepare and didn’t know about the tunnels is not true.'

Call for Unity

Netanyahu posts video calling for Arab-Jewish coexistence

'I beseech you—the citizens of Israel—to take part in Israeli society. Let us all work, learn, and prosper together. Israel is stronger because—not despite—of its diverse pluralism.'

Sympathy Call

Netanyahu offers condolences to Abbas after death of brother

Off to Rio

Israel to send its largest team ever to compete in 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil

Team Israel includes a Kenyan-born marathoner and first triathlete to represent Israel at the Olympic Games

Rhythmic Gymnastics Team Takes Gold in Baku

Heavy Traffic

Report: Israeli roads the most congested among developed nations


Chandra Levy Case Dismissed

Man once convicted of Jewish intern's murder will not be retried

Christians United for Israel Have a Passion for the Jewish People

Jews for Progress

New Jewish Super PAC for Hillary ready to launch

Pundit Slammed

Ann Coulter tweets: 'Where are the Bernie supporters tonight? Did Hillary have them gassed?'

The Democratic Israel-Haters

Just below the surface, anti-Israel sentiments fester at Democratic convention


'Hillary' in Hebrew

Bill Clinton wears Hebrew-language pin to protest burning of Israeli flag

Clinton Personally Intervened to Ensure DNC Platform More Pro-Israel

Hillary's Jewish Women

Courting the Jews

What's Hillary's message to the younger generation?

The Hawkess

Clinton trumps Trump on national security

Obama: 'Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah, I'm Great'

NYT Falls All Over Itself: 'President Obama and the Long March'

Bloomberg: Trump a 'Dangerous Demagogue'

'A disaster in the making'

Krauthammer: Dems Fell Into Trump's Trap

If deleted emails are all personal, why are Dems worried?

Shocker: Trump Gains Popularity With Latinos


'DNC Staffers Annoyed at Having to Commemorate the Holocaust'

Dems Pro Israel?

Protesters Burn Israeli Flag Outside Convention

Chant 'long live the intifada'

Display Genocidal Slogan

'Free Palestine from the river to the sea!'

Come on Home

Democrats urged to reach out to Jewish Republicans turned off by Trump

The Third Option

Turned off by Trump and Hillary, some Jews go Libertarian


Israel-hating Democratic congressman apologizes for comparing Jewish settlers to insects

Bill Clinton Glosses Over Monica Lewinsky, Scandals of 1990s in Convention Speech

Recounts Hillary's Adoption of Israeli Educational Initiative

Clinton Campaign Braces for Another Wikileak Dump

Black DNC March Orders White Reporters to the Back

'White people to the back, black people to the front'

DNC Features 'All Gender Bathrooms'

Meet Michelle Obama's Head Speechwriter

Sarah Hurwitz is a 38-year-old Harvard Law School grad

Barbarians at the Gate

Antisemitism on U.S. campuses skyrockets

'The activities of these anti-Israel groups have serious repercussions and cannot be excused. Jewish students are being seriously threatened, their civil rights suppressed and routinely violated across the country.'


BOOKS: Familiar Place in 'The Black Widow'

Hadassah Hospital gets cameo in Daniel Silva's new book

Still Crazy After All These Years

With new album, does Paul Simon find musical solace in Christianity?

On 'Stranger to Stranger' Jewish musician sings about being lost

Summer Surprise Hit

On Israeli airwaves is satirical pop album, ‘Sweeter Than Life’ (Metuka MeHachaim)

A Legend Defies the Boycotters

Guitar hero Carlos Santana to play Tel Aviv, will donate proceeds to Israeli and Palestinian children

A Little Music With Your Novocaine

Russian jazz singer now performs in Brighton Beach dentist's office

Remembering Broadway Producer James Nederlander

Actor James Caan Visits Israel

Hating on Wonder Woman

Antisemites take to Twitter to denounce Gal Gadot as a 'Zionist'

Rembrandt and the Jews

Were the great painter's images antisemitic?

Orthodox Beatboxers Cut From 'America's Got Talent'

After wowing judges in first round, Manhattan performers fail to advance

To Stay or Not to Stay?

South Africa's Jews struggle with a deeply troubled country

Another Ancient Discovery

1,600-year-old ceramics factory discovered in Western Galilee

Holy Learning in the Woods

Orthodox campers at Yagilu Wilderness receive hands-on lesson in tradition of kosher slaughter

Darkness Rising

Jewish students 'coming under systematic attack' by anti-Israel racists on campus

Israeli Ingenuity

Scientists develop molecule to protect the brain to reduce Alzheimer's risk

New Nanotech Approach for Treating Stomach Cancer

Nanotech Breakthrough Prints Human Tissue from Stem Cells

First Person

Why being an Orthodox Jewish mom makes Sarah Hofstetter of 360i a better CEO

Moishe House Opens in Montevideo

First house for Jewish millennials in Uruguay part of efforts to expand in South America