Gaza Border Tensions

Hamas shells Israeli troops

as they dig to uncover tunnels


America Warned

Top intelligence official: ISIS capable of staging attacks in U.S.


Israeli flag burned at Kiev Holocaust memorial on Yom Hashoah

Pew Poll

American public more sympathetic to Israel than Palestinians

But sympathy for Palestinians over Israel up sharply among younger Americans

The Border Problem

Israel shares anti-tunnel tech with U.S.

Another Futile Move

Israel's U.N. envoy slams Palestinian push for 'international protection'

Paul Ryan's Not There Yet

U.S. House Speaker: 'I'm just not ready' to back Trump

Trump Disavows David Duke's Racist Remarks

Former KKK leader again smears Jews

Terror in Africa

Kenya claims to foil ISIS anthrax plot

Turkish Turmoil

PM's resignation places question mark on future Israel-Turkey relations

Big Ambitions

Is Al-Qaeda about to establish a sovereign state in Syria?


Yom Hazikaron Data

Israel publishes list of fallen soldiers and terror victims ahead of Memorial Day

Stabbing Attack Thwarted in Hebron


Israel arrests Hamas tunnel expert

IDF Uncovers Another Gazan Tunnel Into Israel

IAF Bombs Gaza After Hamas Shoots at Troops

NATO Upgrades Ties With Israel

Turkey rapprochement could be reason


The World Is Forgetting the Holocaust

Sirens Sound

All of Israel comes to a halt for Holocaust Remembrance Day

Netanyahu Speaks at Yad Vashem

'Antisemitism did not die along with Hitler'

Six Holocaust Survivors Are Torchlighters

One-Third of All Survivors Live in Poverty

Story: 'The Night Bucket'

Kirchick: The Holocaust Without Jews

Video: He Lived in the Forest for Two Years Alone, as a Five-Year-Old

Land of Milk and Honey and...Oil?

Israel discovers seven million barrels of oil near the Dead Sea

Petra Tragedy

Israeli hiker falls to death near Wadi Rum

MFA Director Dore Gold Speaks at Bergen-Belsen

'There is a new antisemitic wind blowing across Europe, reviving memories of what transpired on this continent decades ago.'

Israeli Justice Minister Speaks Truth to Europe

'We witness anti-Semitic attacks in the heart of Europe. We hear anti-Semitic slander in European media. We feel anti-Semitic hatred in the continent that should have learned the lesson.'

Some Good News

With Jews receiving military protection, number of antisemitic incidents drops in Europe

And Again...

Two more Labour officials suspended for antisemitism

Israel Seizes Massive Shipment of Explosive Material

Ammonium chloride on the way to Gaza could have been used in hundreds of rockets

Corbyn Gets Hamas Endorsement

Genocidal terrorist group hails antisemitic Labour party leader

Telegraph: Antisemitism suspensions 'are said to be just the tip of the iceberg.'

Israeli MK Weighs In

'There will always be those who will try to downgrade the tragedy and atrocity of the Holocaust. There will always be those who will try to abuse it for political needs, as Ken Livingstone painfully reminded us this week.'

Racist Imam Hails Labour Antisemites

'I think that what Naz Shah said is not that far from what we would prefer, which is that those who came to occupy the Muslim land of Palestine should be returned from where they came.'



GOP Mega-Donor Will Back Trump

Sheldon Adelson says he'll support the Republican nominee

Presumptive GOP Nominee Trump: Israel Should Continue Building Settlements

Netanyahu a 'good guy'

RNC declares Trump 'presumptive nominee'

Takes the Reins of a Divided Republican Party

Coup Leaves Party With 'Identity Crisis'

A Trump Reboot? Impossible

Cohn: What I Got Wrong About Donald Trump

Friedman: Trump Has Done 'the Lord's Work'

Cruz Quits Race

Cruz: 'We left it all on the field in Indiana. We gave it everything we’ve got. But the voters chose another path.'

Kasich Throws in the Towel

Governor forced to abandon presidential hopes

Eliot A. Cohen: Time for a Third Candidate

Report: Book Reveals How Clinton Worked With Obama to Thwart Israel

New York Power Broker Heads to Prison

Former State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sentenced to 12 years in federal prison on corruption charges

Terrifying, and Thankfully Foiled

Inside the plot to bomb a Florida synagogue


Gaza Children Put on Play About Stabbing, Killing Israelis

Hallowed Bones in the Danube

Remains of Holocaust victims buried in Jewish cemetery in Budapest


A Star Is Born

Meet the new Han Solo, discoverd by Steven Spielberg at bat mitzvah

The Role of Films in Remembering the Holocaust


'Hamilton' creator Lin-Manuel Miranda surprises bride with 'Fiddler' serenade

Little Stevie Blasts BDS

Bruce Springsteen's guitarist says Israel boycotters are 'politically ignorant obnoxious idiots.'

As BDS Goes Down at Vassar

College votes down boycott resolution


No Joke

1940s political cartoons warned U.S. of Holocaust

Pre-Holocaust Photo Trove Is of Family of U.S. Scholars

Concerning Omission

Why doesn't Michelin have a guide to Israel's restaurants?

Desert Digs

Ramon Crater in Israel's Negev is new luxury adventure vacation spot

Real Estate Moguls

Indian-born Jewish brothers Simon and David Reuben top Britain's richest people list