French Jews Hold Aliyah Record

But 2014 saw increase in

immigration from North America


U.S. Will Not Support Palestinian Bid


Israeli officials react with anger to Palestinians' Security Council resolution

Netanyahu: Abbas' U.N. Moves Will Lead to Hamas Takeover

Israel will never agree to 'unilateral diktats'

Steinitz: Palestinian U.N. Move an 'Act of War'

Obama Lights Coexistence Menorah

Candleabra constructed by students of bilingual Jerusalem school attacked by arsonists


E.U. foreign policy chief makes questionable pledge to fight antisemitism at annual Hanukkah ceremony

The One Righteous Man

British PM Cameron blasts Labour party for voting to recognize 'Palestine'

Darkness Under Darkness

Hamas holds extensive terror training under cover of night

Biggest since the Gaza war

As Gaza posters call for Abbas' death

And Iran resumes sponsorship of genocidal terrorist group

Anti-Islam Politician Prosecuted

Dutch politician who opposes Islamic radicalism indicted for insulting Muslim immigrants


Evil at United Nations

Palestinian security council resolution calls for end of 'occupation' by 2017

Hater Seeking Amends?

Dieudonne wants to meet with French Jews

Alan Gross a Free Man

U.S. contractor released after five years in Cuban jail

Gross: 'It's Good to Be Home'

'I guess so far it’s the best Hanukkah that I’ll be celebrating in a long time'

Vatican, Canada Involved in U.S.-Cuba Thaw

Jailed U.S. Spy Was Longtime Asset

New Day for Cuba's Jews?


Lieberman refuses meeting with Swedish foreign minister

Islamic Barbarians Kill 132 Children

Taliban storms Pakistani military school

Palestinian Dies in Clash With IDF in Qalandiya

Palestinians Threaten Yet Again to Join ICC

War Crimes in Assad's Future

FBI says European dead will lead to prosecution

Chabad Pulls Public Menorah Lighting in Sydney

Police Storm Sydney Cafe, Ending Standoff

Iranian gunman dies, along with two hostages

Self-styled 'healer' had criminal record

Barbarian Demands ISIS Flag

Will the media finally acknowledge he's an Islamist?

5 Hostages Escape

Massive Understatement

Calls barbaric Islamist attack 'disturbing incident,' not sure it's 'politically motivated'


Fighting for the Mount of Olives

Palestinian violence giving Jews second thoughts about burying their relatives in the world's oldest cemetery

BDS Bust?

Attempts to boycott Israeli products failing

Extremist Out

Far-Right politician Moshe Feiglin drops out of Likud leadership race

Terror? What Terror?

E.U. court removes Hamas from list of terrorist organizations

Netanyahu Denounces E.U. Court Decision

'We expect them to immediately put Hamas back on the list.'

'They have learned nothing from the Holocaust'

There They Go Again

E.U. parliament endorses Palestinian state, but stops short of calling for immediate establishment

Palestinians Agree to Present French Resolution to U.N. Security Council

Language of resolution still unclear, but may refer to timetable for negotiations rather than an Israeli withdrawal

Congress Threatens to Stop Funding the Palestinian Authority

Bibi Blasts War Criminals Who Accuse Israel of War Crimes

'The Palestinian Authority that praises terrorists, reprehensible murderers, comes to accuse the IDF, the most moral army in the world, of war crimes.'


'All Rant, All Slant, All the Time'

Billboards accuse NYTimes of biased reporting on Israel

Obama Signs Legislation Ending Nazi Benefits

Measure bars suspected war criminals from receiving Social Security

Tsarnaev Appears in Court

Boston Marathon bombing suspect not seen since 2013; defense seeks delay in trial

Kansas City Shooter Ruled Competent to Stand Trial

White supremacist claims 'right' to attack Jews

Biden Marks Hanukkah

National Menorah lit on the Ellipse outside White House

Newcomer Zeldin Wins Spot on Foreign Affairs Committee

The lone Jewish Republican in Congress also named co-chair of the House Republican Israel Caucus

Happy Holidays, and I'm Running for President

In Christmas-Hanukkah greeting, Jeb Bush announces intention to 'actively explore' bid

Jewish Donors Line Up Behind Bush

The Candidate Courts the Jews

Likely 2016 presidential candidate Ted Cruz is working hard to win Jewish support


Top Hanukkah Videos

Ex-C.I.A. Director: U.S. Holding Pollard For 'No Good Reason'

P.A. Official: Israel Plans to Build 'Alleged' Temple

Palestinian Preacher: Jews 'Most Evil of Allah's Creations'

Naftali Bennett Speaks the Truth in Washington


Sony Pictures Under Attack

Hacker leak and threats of terror force company to pull release of farce about North Korea

What Can the U.S. Do?

Colbert's Top Jewish Moments

A look back at TV comedic host's jokes, as 'Colbert Report' comes to a close


Berlin exhibit captures mood of Germans at end of WWII

Journey to Jerusalem

PBS TV series provides visual guide to holy sites, with focus on Sukkot

Were There Jews at Hogwarts?

Author says Harry Potter had Jewish wizard classmate

Whither America?

New book outlines a new paradigm for America's involvement in the world

Fall of the Decent Left

Collapse of the New Republic marks the end of a Left that was pro-Israel and pro-American

Israel Wins the History Contest Again

Research indicates humans in Israel may have been the first to harness fire

Yasher Koach!

American Institute of Architects awards Moshe Safdie gold medal


Rabbi Harold Schulweis, 89, Dies

Prominent Southern California spiritual leader was national figure in Conservative movement

Herod's Secret Tunnels

Entryway to ancient hilltop fortress discovered

Tehran Ceremony

Iran unveils monument for fallen Iranian-Jewish soldiers

Chag Hanukkah Sameach!

Diverse culinary traditions around the Jewish world

Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah

8,000-year-old cruise of oil found in Israel

Stele on Display in New York Proves King David's Existence

Turkey's Long History of Antisemitism

Jews have been persecuted for a century under the modern Turkish state

Hanukkah in Jerusalem

Pursuing Justice

Aid to Holocaust victims to increase by $80 million in 2015

New Guinness Record Holders

Scouts in Ramat Gan unveil world's largest dreidel

Par Excellence

First Israeli golfer qualifies for major tournaments

Welcome Little Koby Zidan

N.Y. Jewish couple names son for heroic Druze policeman

BDS Bubble Up at Harvard

Dining services will suspend purchases from SodaStream

First Person: Wellesley College Can't Tiptoe Around Antisemitism

The Campus Pogrom Continues

Swastikas again found spray-painted on buildings at Tufts University