ISO A House of Worship

Americans want to hear good sermons



Muslim antisemites force Jewish children out of public schools

Belgium Surrenders

Airline gives into boycotters, stops serving Israeli food

Blasting Corbyn

Board of Deputies of British Jews slams antisemitic Labour party leader for supporting boycotts of Israel

They Even Hate the Muslim Mayor

Jew-hating anti-Israel thugs accuse London's Muslim mayor of 'writing articles to help his masters in Tel Aviv.'

Banning the Burkini

France forbids wearing oppressive Muslim clothing at the beach

Pipes: Ban the Burka, Allow the Burkini

Shifting Targets?

Antisemitic Turkey may have finally found something they hate more than the Jews

Exchanging Ambassadors

Turkey prepares for renewing diplomatic ties with Israel

Pay to Play at State

AP analysis reveals meetings with Clinton resulted in huge donations for Foundation

Fighting for the Little Guy?

Hillary Clinton takes in $32 million in three weeks

Trump Faces Narrow Path to White House Victory

Analysis: Hillary Won't Win in a Landslide

NYT Goes All in to Shill for Obama

Calls $400 million ransom story 'fake'

Filling the Vacuum

Putin proposes Mideast peace summit in Moscow


Fear of Heights?

China opens world's largest and longest glass-bottomed bridge, which is Israeli-designed

Pathetic Europe

Authorities can't keep track of jihadis in their midst

What's Polish for Denial?

Poland blasts New York Times article that told the truth about its collaboration with the Nazis

The Bear Hates the Jews

Russian TV station claims 'Jews are responsible for the sinking of the Titanic, the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl and the terrorist attacks in the US on 11 September 2001.'

How Obama Lied About Iran Ransom

As more details emerge, the lie grows bigger

'Greatest Crisis of Our Time'

UN warns on Syria

A Fool's Errand?

Kerry to hold talks on Syria with Russian counterpart

Iran, Russia, and Assad Bomb Aleppo to Death, But Obama Doesn't Care

Islam Means Peace

51 dead, 94 wounded when child suicide bomber targets Kurdish wedding

Turkey Wants Greater Role in Syria

Are they bending on removing Assad?

Quaking in His Boots

U.S. warns Assad not to bomb his enemies

Obama's Bluff

U.S. moves nukes from Turkey to Romania


Israeli Soldier Lightly Injured in West Bank Stabbing Attack

Making History

Orthodox synagogue in Jerusalem hires first female spiritual leader

Karmit Feintuch will serve at the Ramban synagogue with Rabbi Benny Lau; will be called 'rabbanit'

Liberman Lays Out His Plan for Gaza

'What you need to understand is that my approach is rebuilding in exchange for demilitarization.'

Hitting 'key Hamas strategic assets'

Israel's strong response to rockets struck 50 Hamas targets

Strong Response

Intense Israeli retaliation for rocket fire may indicate shift in policy

Will the World Be Grateful This Time?

Israeli researchers may have found a cure for skin cancer

Fostering Further Ties

Top foreign ministry official visits African Muslim country


UN to display drawings of soldier whose body is being held in Gaza


Forward justifies antisemitism of Egyptian judoka

'He was under a lot of pressure on social media, reflecting popular sentiment in Egypt.'

'There are historical reasons why anti-Israel sentiment took root in Egypt.'  

'The situation is more complex than those who cry anti-Semitism would have us believe.'

Wild Incitement

Palestinian minister lies about Israeli intentions to al-Aksa mosque

Major Threat

Hamas about to take over majority of West Bank cities in local elections

Analysis: The PA, Based in Ramallah, Faces Opposition in Other Towns

'Death to Leftists!'

Visitors find Israeli flag with extremist slogan at site of World War II massacre of Jews

High-Level Talks

Israeli delegation in Cairo to discuss peace push

Egypt: Putin Offered to Hold Israel-PA Talks

Ending the Rift

Turkish parliament approves deal to normalize ties with Israel

Analysis: What Israel Gains from the Turkey Deal

Allies Criticize Allies?

Turkey condemns Israel for Gaza strikes


Antisemitism Rears Ugly Head

Man arrested in connection with antisemitic vandalism in Chinatown in D.C.

Anti-Israel group sanctioned by UC-Irvine for disrupting Israel event

Swastika, antisemitic messages found in Happague, N.Y.

He Can't Help Himself

A list of Trump's self-destructive public feuds

Poll: Half of All Voters Won't Consider Trump

Pence Earns Raves on Campaign Trail

Poll: Clinton Extends Lead in Ohio

Where's Obama?

He played 10 rounds of golf in 16 days while New Orleans flooded over

Dirty Business

Emails reveal how how foundation donors got their money's worth at State Dept.

NYT: Trump and Clinton Both Holding Back on Medical Information


Videos leaked from Satmar camps show leaders training kids to hate Israel

Jeb Bush's Son Visits Israel

George P. Bush, Texas Land Commissioner, disagrees with father and endorses Trump

Failure in Chief

Nice Job, Barack

Iran develops its own missile defense system


California approves law against BDS

Louisiana Needs Help

Jewish federations seek donations to aid victims of devastating floods


Israeli Expert: Arab Regime Crackdowns Are Pushing New ISIS Recruiting



Michael Bernardi channels his actor father for a day as 'Tevye'

'Law & Order' DA Adam Schiff Dies

Orthodox Jewish actor Steven Hill passes away at 94

FILM: 'Anthropid' Harrowing Tale of Assassination of Nazi Reinhard Heydrich

Israel's Greatest Writer

A personal encounter with the work of Nobel laureate S.Y. Agnon

Master of Laughter

Mel Brooks recounts the making of comedy classic 'Blazing Saddles'

The Accent

Meet the dialect coach who taught Natalie Portman to speak Israeli for new movie