Keepers of the Flame

In post-Foxman era,

where is the ADL headed?


Hamas Joining In?

In wake of barbaric synagogue attack, Gaza barbarians resume rocket 'tests'

Shocking, Absolutely Shocking...

International watchdog says Iran is still lying about its nuclear program

Policeman Recounts How He Killed Savage at Synagogue Massacre

'The terrorist came outside shooting. ... I kept shooting and the terrorist fell.'

PFLP Hails Self-Hating Jews

After committing barbaric synagogue massacre, terrorist group hails Jews who support BDS

Israel-Hating Foreign Press Group Denies It Hates Israel

After appallingly biased and racist coverage of synagogue attack, reporters "reject" Israeli minister's "blanket condemnation of foreign media."

As Naftali Bennett Exposes BBC Racism

Israel-hating network refuses to show images of synagogue victims even though it showed endless images of Palestinian casualties during Gaza war


Temporary security barriers set up in East Jerusalem

Um, Uh, Well... We Didn't Really Mean It...

Sweden tries to mend fences with Israel over 'Palestine' recognition by pretending it doesn't hate Israel

Israel to send ambassador back on anniversary of U.N. partition vote that helped create Israel

Hurrah for India!

In defiance of international antisemitism, Indian prime minister steps up defense cooperation with Israel

India has also suffered heavily from Islamist barbarism

Worldwide Jewry Cautioned: Be Vigilant, Take Precautions

Dershowitz Rips Obama on Synagogue Terrorism

'You donít bring it together with how many Palestinians may have died because they were being used as human shields.'

Sick Jordanian MKs Hold 'Moment of Silence' for Palestinian Savages

Arabs Attack Jerusalem Man Near Old City

U.S. Continues to Tell World Jerusalem Doesn't Belong to the Jews

'We would reiterate our clear and consistent opposition to construction activity in East Jerusalem.'

Egypt: Prosecutors Seek Death Sentence for Morsi

Why not death sentence for terrorists?

Pollard Parole Request Denied

Pro-Pollard group says Justice Dept. panel believes release would send 'wrong message'

Senior U.S. Officials Slam 'Unjust Denial'

JPost Reveals Secret Drama Behind Parole Failure


German Town Turns Table on Hess March

Neo-Nazi annual walk turns into fundraiser for anti-fascist cause

The Wages of Appeasement

During past year, there have been 10,000 terror attacks with 18,000 dead worldwide

Big Yawn: Egypt Destroys Hundreds More Homes Along Sinai Border, But Nobody Cares Because Israel Didn't Do It

WSJ: Second Extension of Iran Nuclear Talks?

Europe Attacks

Leaked document shows Europeans ready to pull ambassadors, boycott ministers if Israel does not swallow their version of 'two-state solution'

'This was an antisemitic attack'

Belgian stabbing victim speaks out, says attacker was racist Muslim


Yesh Atid MK demands action against antisemitism from Belgian government

As E.U. Doubles Down on Hypocrisy

Body declares Palestinian state is 'not enough' while ignoring racism and violence against its Jews

Iranian Cleric Threatens Destruction of Israel

Obama's Best Buddies: 'We Will Raze Tel Aviv and Haifa'

Also threatens U.S. bases in Gulf


MK's Aide Suspended After Murderous Threat

Aide to Arab Knesset member reportedly threatened to 'slaughter Jews'

Controversy Sparks Over Refusal to Hire Arab Workers

Ashkelon mayor bans employment of Arab construction workers building bomb shelters

Netanyahu Condemns

'We should not stereotype an entire public because of a small minority that is violent and noisy.'

Practically everybody else joins in

Lawsuit Planned

Rights group will sue, claiming discrimination

Congress Condemns What Obama Won't

U.S. legislators from all sides blast Abbas for the racist incitement that led to Tuesday's barbaric synagogue attack

Netanyahu: Where Is the World?

'I want to see shock, utter denunciation.'


Don't Count on Spain

While Jerusalem bleeds, Madrid votes to recognize 'Palestine'; Israel denounces move

ANALYSIS: Abbas only condemned attack because Kerry forced him to

ANALYSIS: The Palestinians are once again going down a path that leads nowhere

The Fifth Victim

Hero policeman who killed savage perpetrators of synagogue attack succumbs to bullet wounds


Worshippers return to Har Nof synagogue in defiance of Palestinian barbarism

Bennett Says IDF Must Undertake Operation in East Jerusalem

'We need to move from defense to attack, like we did in Operation Defensive shield. ... Go in with Border Police forces, make arrests, create intelligence channels, stay there on a permanent basis.''

Yaalon Shuts Down 'Relief Package'

Easing of security restrictions in the West Bank canceled

As Palestinians riot in East Jerusalem

Was Iran Involved?

PFLP reportedly receiving support from genocidal Islamic Republic

Racist British Official Compares Synagogue Attack to Jews Visiting Temple Mount

'Israeli extremists storm Al Aqsa & intimidate worshippers – Palestinian extremists storm synagogue & kill 4 worshippers.'


New York Jewish activists surround Palestinian embassy to condemn massacre

CNN Comedy Goes Viral

Israelis start circulating parodies of CNN's ridiculous blame-the-victim headlines


CBC: 'Jerusalem Police Fatally Shoot Two After Apparent Synagogue Attack'

BBC: 'Jerusalem Synagogue Attack Kills 4 Israelis'

Obama Condemns Attack, But Then ....

Calls for Israelis and Palestinians to 'work together to lower tensions' as if Israel has been doing something to heighten tensions


Presbyterians Join the Good Fight

Group takes out full-page ad in NYTimes against divestment from Israel

Orthodox Jew Beaten in Brooklyn Subway Station

Attackers call victim a 'Dirty Jew'

Teen Charged in Beating

Jewish Vets Fight Against Sectarian Prayer in Military

Monster Admits Targeting Jews

Kansas City JCC shooter confirms motive; ADL wonders why comments were made public

More Madoff Money Found

Victims of Ponzi scheme may be able to split another $500m

The Mole

AJC employee fired after he spied for anti-Israel organization

Lies, Lies, Lies

Far-Left 'pro-Israel' organization JStreet tries to deceive supporters about its total defeat in midterm elections

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Unilateral amnesty for illegal immigrants would be impeachable offense



Mike Nichols Passes Away at 83

Acclaimed Jewish director of classics like 'The Graduate' and 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf' was born in Berlin before his family fled the Nazis

11 Great Mike Nichols Moments

British Pop Star Plans Israel Concert

James Blunt to play Tel Aviv Feb. 2

'Piano Man's' High Honor

Billy Joel awarded Library of Congress
George Gershwin Prize for Popular Song

'Chayla in Shul'

Portrait of Orthodox girl in U.K. shul wins International photography award

Tasteless Auction

German sisters put Hitler watercolor up for sale