SPECIAL REPORT: Who Funds Hamas Activities on College Campuses?

Hamas Supporters’ Long Term Conspiracy to Buy Control of American Universities and the Minds of American Youth


Corruption: Yale University hid millions in Qatari dollars

House Republicans Launch Investigation Into Foreign Funding of US Universities

Gaza Protests Occurring Mostly at Elite Universities

What Some Colleges Promised to Quell Protests

Rep. Owens Pushes Northwestern President on Qatari Funding

BENJAMIN KERSTEIN: The ‘Pro-Palestinian’ Plans for a Domestic Terror Campaign

SHIMON SHERMAN: Who is paying for the American campus protests?

The Inside Story of How Palestinians Took Over the World

Arab Funding of American Universities: Donors, Recipients and Impact

Foreign Muslim Funding of Western Universities

Funding from Arab countries to US universities raises questions: 'Almost always come with strings attached'

Why Is There So Much Saudi Money in American Universities?

Elite American universities receiving billions in federal funds see rise in antisemitism: 'Gamed the tax code'

Arab Money and the Universities

Cornell, Harvard, NYU and Georgetown have Received Billions in Funding from Arab Countries Over Past 30 Years

Moolah from Mullahs: Arab countries are bankrolling American colleges and universities

Colleges and Universities Fail to Report Billions in Foreign Donations

Protecting American Universities from Undue Foreign Influence

Harvard, Brown, IUP took $10M from foundations, donors in the ‘State of Palestine’: report

Who is paying for the American campus protests?

Stop Greenlighting High School Walkouts

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