Controversial French-Jewish Pundit Announces Candidacy for President

Photo: Cheep/Wikimedia


A controversial far-right French-Jewish pundit has officially announced his candidacy for president after months of speculation, the AFP reports.

Eric Zemmour, who opposes Muslim immigration and advocates a return to traditional values, said in his announcement, “I have decided to take our destiny in my hands. I have decided to run in the presidential election.”

“It is no longer the time to reform France, but to save it,” he said.

Often called the “French Trump,” Zemmour is a Jew of North African descent, but is viewed with ambivalence by the French Jewish community due to his statements in support of the Nazi-controlled Vichy government that ruled France during World War II.

Although there has been strong support for Zemmour over the past year, showing him likely to be the primary rival to current President Emmanuel Macron, he has been slipping in the polls in recent weeks.

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