White House to Shift Blame to 'Reckless' Trump Ahead of Iran Appeasement


Before the Biden administration began negotiating a new nuclear deal with Iran, the American people were promised a "longer, stronger" agreement.

Now, with all signs indicating the upcoming deal with Iran will be shorter and weaker, the White House plans to "focus the fire on Trump" for pulling out of 2015's JCPOA.

On Wednesday, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Iran's march toward a nuclear weapon would never have happened if Trump had not “recklessly pulled out of the nuclear deal with no thought as to what might come next.”

Echoing her words, on Tuesday State Department spokesman Ned Price said:

“It’s worth spending just a moment on how we got here. It is deeply unfortunate that because of an ill-considered or perhaps unconsidered decision by the previous administration that this administration came into office without these stringent verification and monitoring protocols that were in place.”

In other words, the White House is preparing to cave to Iran's demands because it does not have the strength to stand up to Iran's mullahs.

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