U.S. Takes Aggressive New Posture in Syria


To deter Iran and Russia in Syria, the U.S. has finally consolidated its policy.

Last month, the U.S. prevented Russia, Iran, and Syria from attacking Idlib province. That has been backed up with a new military posture, writes Matthew RJ Brodsky in National Review.

These actions included fortifying U.S. positions in Syria’s northeast with both offensive and defensive military assets and conducting week-long live-fire exercises with America’s allies. Farther south, it involved the addition of the Marine aircraft carrier USS Essex, which recently arrived in the Arabian Sea with its deck full of F-35B stealth fighter jets — the first U.S. deployment in the region of its advanced stealth warplane. “Our primary mission is crisis response,” Colonel Chandler Nelms, commander of the military expeditionary unit aboard the Essex, explained. That means “being current and absolutely ready for anything the geographic combatant commander needs us to do while we are here.”

The U.S. is ready for action in Syria.

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