War Drums: U.S. Shoots Down Iranian Drone Over Syria


The United States doesn't seem to care much about Russian warnings.

Moscow threatened to attack U.S. aircraft over Syria after the American military shot down a Syrian jet on Sunday. But on Tuesday the Americans acted again, this time shooting down an Iranian drone approaching U. S.-allied soldiers. According to the Wall Street Journal:

In Tuesday’s incident, the American military spotted the armed, Iranian-made Shahed 129 drone flying toward a small outpost in southeastern Syria used by coalition troops working with forces fighting Islamic State, the military said.

The U.S. pilot quickly shot down the Predator-sized drone, which was the same type as one downed two weeks ago after it dropped a dud munition near the same outpost. U.S. officials said they didn’t know who was operating the drones, but said primary suspicion falls on Syria or Iran.

Tensions are now high with Russia, which is supporting dictator Bashar al-Assad and Iran in the Syrian war. Iran has also picked up its military activity, launching a cruise missile in recent days into Syrian territory.

“Iran is playing an unhelpful role in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East,” Gen. Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Monday in Washington. “I think their major export is malign influence.”

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