U.S. Sets Plans to Counter Iran


Reports indicate that Iran is attempting to stay permanently in Syria, primarily to counter Israel.

Iran is establishing bases in the Golan Heights and already has the approval of the Assad regime to establish a port on the Mediterranean.

But Israel and the U.S. are not taking the news sitting down. Israel has made its intentions clear to Russia that Iran will not be allowed to park on Israel's border. And the U.S., too, according to the Christian Science Monitor, is now making Iran a priority.

President Trump’s administration has signaled an intention to roll back the Islamic Republic’s influence, not only in Syria but elsewhere in the region.

“The best strategy to roll back Iranian influence is to weaken it in Syria by denying it the resources it has invested in through the Assad regime,” Randa Slim, a scholar with the Washington-based Middle East Institute and an expert on Hezbollah, says without elaborating. “Syria anchors the Iran-Syria-Iraq-Hezbollah axis. Denying Iran that anchor will roll back its influence not only in Lebanon and weaken Hezbollah but in the whole region.”

Watch for a "counter Iran forcefully for peace with the Palestinians" quid pro quo between Washington and Jerusalem.

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