Revealed: Israel-Hating U.N. Human Rights Council Collaborates With Terrorists


Unsurprisingly, the racist UN Human Rights Council, a forum for rabid Israel-hatred, has been caught collaborating with terrorists, the Jerusalem Post reported on Friday.

The forum recently published a racist blacklist of companies working in Israeli settlements, which Israel’s Strategic Affairs Ministry revealed was formulated with the help of terrorist-linked “human rights” groups.

According to the Post,

One of the groups the Strategic Affairs Ministry cited was Addameer, Conscience in Arabic, a Palestinian NGO.

Addameer’s accountant Samer Arbeed is a member of the terrorist group the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who led the cell that murdered 17-year-old Rina Schnerb near Dolev in the West Bank last year, detonating the bomb himself.

Another Palestinian NGO, Al Haq. the Truth in Arabic, is focused on legal action against Israel for alleged human rights violations and was heavily involved in the blacklist’s compilation, the ministry said.

Al Haq is led by a a former senior member of the PFLP, Shawan Jabareen, who has served time in Israeli prison for his involvement in terrorist activities. An Israeli court described him as “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - on the one hand he presents himself as the director of a human rights organization, and on the other, he is active in a terrorist organization that commits murder...He actively denies the most fundamental right of all, without which there are no other rights - the right to live.”

Given the U.N.’s visceral hatred of Israel and the antisemitic ravings of its Human Rights Council, the fact that they are also pro-terrorist should not be surprising.

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