Antisemitic UN Approves Resolution Denying Jewish Ties to Temple Mount


In a stunningly racist but nonetheless typical move, the UN General Assembly approved a viciously antisemitic resolution denying all Jewish ties to the Temple Mount.

The Jerusalem Post reports:

The United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution 129-11 on Wednesday, that disavowed Jewish ties to the Temple Mount and called it solely by its Muslim name of al-Haram al-Sharif.

The text, referred to as the "Jerusalem resolution," is part of a push by the Palestinian Authority and the Arab states across the UN system to rebrand Judaism's most holy site and as an exclusively Islamic one.

The US opposed the resolution and said the Muslim supremacist language of the text was of “real and serious concern” and “morally, historically and politically wrong.”

In addition, support dropped for the latest resolution, which is one in a long series of racist UN attacks on Jewish ties to the Mount.

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