Anti-Hamas Resolution Gains Majority, But Not Adopted by U.N.


A proposed U.N. resolution condemning Hamas was defeated in a relatively close vote in the General Assembly.

The U.S.-sponsored resolution would have explicitly slammed Hamas for its rocket attacks on Israeli civilians and other war crimes.

The vote gained a majority of General Assembly votes, but was not adopted because it was deemed by anti-Israel forces that it would require a two-thirds majority, an unusual procedural demand. The final vote was 87-57 in favor.

However, the defeat was viewed as something of a moral victory, as there is usually an anti-Israel "automatic majority" in the world body.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Israel's U.N. Ambassador Danny Danon said after the vote, "Today we achieved a plurality. That plurality would have been a majority if the vote had not been hijacked by a political move of procedure. But in one strong, courageous voice, we have brought Hamas to justice."

"Let me be clear," he added. "There is no such thing here as neutrality. There is no such thing as ‘both sides.' There is no moral equivalency. There is a terrorist organization that endangers civilians flagrantly violating the law and there is a state that protects them. Today, the majority of the international community has exposed Hamas. Others have turned a blind eye."

U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley, a strong supporter of Israel, said, "There is nothing more antisemitic than saying that terrorism is not terrorism when it is used against the Jewish people and the Jewish state. There is nothing more antisemitic than saying we cannot condemn terrorism against Israel, while we would not hesitate for one minute to condemn the same acts if they were taken against any other country."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailed the majority in favor the vote, calling it "sweeping" and "an important achievement."

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