Blood Libels

Vile antisemitic flyers distributed at University of

Illinois compare Zionists to Nazis, defend Holocaust denial


A series of vile antisemitic flyers have appeared at the University of Illinois' Chicago campus.

The flyers, which appear to have been produced by a Left-wing racist, defame Israel and the Jewish people.

One flyer decried the high number of Jewish students at institutions of higher learning. Another compared Zionists to Nazis and Gaza to Auschwitz. A third defended Holocaust denial.

The antisemite who made the flyers cited the hashtags #BlackLivesMatter, #WeAreAllMuslim, and #WhitePrivilege at the end of one of their rants, indicating a radical Leftist ideology.

Hilariously, the ferociously racist messages all ended with the words, "Standing up for Palestine is not antisemitic. It is not defamatory. It does not insult anyone. It is social justice."

After a period of silence, the university authorities condemned the flyers, saying, "Acts that invoke hatred or violence toward members of our community will not be tolerated on our campus."

The campus' Hillel expressed thanks, but added, "Based on the dramatic rise of antisemitism on college campuses, this could have happened anywhere and universities need to have zero tolerance for anti-Semitism."

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