Two Palestinian Escapees Still at Large

Bennett: Our Security Agencies Have 'Atrophied'


Prime Minister Naftali Bennett lamented the state of Israel's security agencies, saying some of them have "atrophied" and need to be reformed.

His comments came at a Sunday cabinet meeting, after Israel had captured four of the six Palestinians who escaped from a high-security prison in Israel's north. He announced that a commission of inquiry will be established to investigate the escape and where Israel needs reform.

"We are looking at things through a broader lens and view what happened as a wake-up call. Some of the state's systems have atrophied in recent years and need to be improved, changed and strive for excellence.

"It's possible and necessary to work differently, particularly in a security organization such as the Israel Prisons Service. Quality appointments that are based strictly on professional parameters, defining national objectives, and formulating organized work plans. What's been broken can be fixed," he said.

Meanwhile, Israel's police chief warned that the two remaining escapees should be considered dangerous.

The still-at-large terrorists are "desperate individuals, and we must be aware of any [suspicious] movements in the area," the police chief said.

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