Turkish Aggression Might Spark War With Israel


Turkey's increasingly belligerent behavior in the Mediterranean might one day spark a regional war, drawing Israel into the conflict.

Ankara is especially concerned about drilling rights in the Mediterranean and a planned pipeline that will ship Israeli gas to Europe via Cyprus and Greece. Turkish president Recep Erdogan has also sent troops to Libya, angering Egypt, and has grown closer to Iran, Israel's principal enemy.

All of this could add up to a conflict in the near future, writes Yaakov Amidror at the National Interest.

Israel has clear plans to connect to Europe via a gas pipeline and power cable that are supposed to pass through Cyprus. Will Turkey try to interfere with these projects, on the basis that they cut into the EEZ that Ankara established with the support of the GNA? That would be a Turkish invitation to a military confrontation with Israel, which will not hesitate to defend its vital interests in the Mediterranean.

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