Trump Peace Plan Gives Israel Settlements, Jordan Valley and Jerusalem


Israel hit the jackpot on Tuesday with a U.S.-sponsored peace plan that gives the Jewish state control over the large settlement blocs, security control over the Jordan Valley, and a capital in Jerusalem.

At a White House ceremony, Prime Minister Netanyahu called the peace plan "historic" and said that Israel had never had a "better friend" in the White House than President Trump.

Netanyahu initially said that he would call for a vote on Sunday to annex the territories included in the plan, but that has now been called off for "technical reasons" a Likud official said Wednesday.

The Palestinians are sure to reject the "deal of the century,", which flips the script on peace plans of the past: instead of giving the Palestinians everything they want up front, this plan favors the Israeli position. Significantly, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, and Egypt all support the proposal.

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