Trump Issues Rosh Hashana Message

'You have thrived and flourished as an example of humankind'


President Donald Trump conveyed his Rosh Hashana message on an annual phone call with Jewish leaders, the Algemeiner reported.

"I am the very proud father of a Jewish daughter, Ivanka, and my son-in-law, who I’m very proud of also — I will say that very loudly — Jared, and my several Jewish grandchildren, namely three beautiful Jewish grandchildren that I love," Trump said.

"Over the centuries, the Jewish people have suffered unthinkable persecution, yet you have not only endured, you have thrived and flourished as an example of humankind," he added.

Citing his decision on the status of Jerusalem, he said that he had "kept my promise to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, as we have since moved our embassy to Tel Aviv to its rightful home in the holy city."

Speaking of his yet to be unveiled peace plan, Trump stated, "All my life I’ve heard that’s the hardest deal to make, and I’m starting to believe that maybe it is. But I will say that if it can be delivered, we will deliver it."

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