The Trump Effect

'Gloom and dread can be felt across the Iranian capital'


There are early indications that President Trump's tough policy toward Iran is working. From the New York Times:

TEHRAN — It was supposed to be a regular weekly debate night for a group that meets to discuss movies in a middle-class Tehran neighborhood. But on this particular evening, the 20 or so housewives, intellectuals and students in the group wanted to talk about only one thing: a possibly violent conflict between Iran and the United States.

Months had passed since members of the group had been so worked up, recalled one of the participants, Fariba Sameni, a 57-year-old translator. No one wanted to discuss film. Younger members were convinced that President Trump would inevitably bomb Iran.

“They shouted that their futures would be destroyed,” Ms. Sameni said. The group’s leader, a professor, argued that Mr. Trump, with his background as a businessman, would ultimately make a deal with Iran. The professor’s argument was unconvincing, Ms. Sameni said.

“When I went home, I felt anxious and worried,” she said, “as if something really bad is about to happen.”

Gloom and dread can be felt across the Iranian capital, and some people blame not only Mr. Trump, but also their own leaders.

Is it possible getting tough with Iran is actually working? Perhaps rolling over and playing dead isn't a good policy? Perhaps telling Iran that they can't threaten to destroy other states and meddle in the world's affairs has a purpose?

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