Report: Trump Was Talked Out of Declaring Iran in Violation of Nuclear Deal


For all of President Trump's foibles and deficits -- and there are many -- he's got at least one thing going for him: He's not Barack Obama.

Our former president infamously gave Iran billions of dollars of cash and the right to develop a nuclear program, all in the hopes that Iran would "reform."

That hasn't exactly worked out. Iran is on the march throughout the Middle East and just as hostile as ever to the United States and the West.

So reports that Trump had to be persuaded to sign another three-month waiver on the Iran nuclear deal comes as welcome news. In the end, the Trump team did continue the deal, but the message was clear: if Iran does not stop violating the terms of the deal and the spirit of the deal, the agreement will be terminated.

When and if that happens, look for Iran and the United States to clash on the battlefield, yet another fruit of Barack Obama's foolishness.

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