Kushner: Trump Considered Endorsing Gantz Over Netanyahu


Former top aide to ex-president Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, has revealed that Trump considered endorsing Benny Gantz over then-prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu due to anger over Netanyahu’s professed plan to annex large parts of the West Bank.

After Netanyahu announced his plan, Kushner said, he was approached by Israeli ambassador Ron Dermer and asked for American support.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Kushner said. “Trump was still fuming over Bibi’s speech. In fact, he had asked me whether he should take the unusual step of endorsing the prime minister’s political rival, Benny Gantz.”

“Had I walked twenty feet down the hall to the Oval and asked Trump to go forward with annexation, the president would have thrown me out,” he added.

In addition, said Kushner, Trump had very positive feelings toward Gantz, whom he referred to as “the general.”

Read more at the Times of Israel.

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