Israel to Start Withholding Palestinian Terror Funds Within Weeks


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Sunday that Israel will start withholding funds transferred to the Palestinian Authority due to the PA's "pay to slay policy."

The PA pays millions of dollars annually to imprisoned terrorists, their families, and the families of terrorists killed while murdering or attempting to murder Israelis.

According to the Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu said at the weekly cabinet meeting, "Let there be no doubt that Israel will deduct money that the Palestinian Authority pays terrorists and their families from the tariffs and duties it collects monthly on behalf of the PA and transfers to Ramallah."

"Next Sunday I will convene the security cabinet and we will make the necessary decision to offset the funds," he added. "The money will be deducted, no one should have any doubt about it."

PA President Mahmoud Abbas has pledged that the terror payments will never stop, even if the PA lacks funds for any other purpose.

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