Temple Mount to Reopen

Following Terror Attack


The Temple Mount is set to reopen on Sunday after a weekend closure following a terrorist attack at the site.

The Times of Israel reports that the entry points to the Mount will be equipped with metal detectors in order to prevent anyone armed with guns or knives from gaining access to the area.

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan stated,

Right now, we can only screen [for firearms] at some of the gates, even if it’s only with a hand-held [detector], but we hope to place metal detection gates at all the entrances to the Mount and reach a point where everyone who enters gets checked.

Erdan admitted that the new measures will be difficult to enforce:

On Fridays and during Ramadan tens of thousands of people, and sometimes over 100,000, enter in just a few hours. there is a concern that [metal detectors] will create long lines, and that those operating the detectors will become targets for terror attacks. There is also an issue with checking women entering the Mount. This is a project that presents many dilemmas both at the political level and at the operational one.

The terror attack took place early Friday when two Israeli-Arabs opened fire on a group of policeman near the Lions Gate. Two border policemen were killed and several others injured. The terrorists were both shot dead by security forces.

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