Sudan Leader: We Gained More From Israel Peace Deal Than Anyone Else


Sudan's leader said Monday that he was not "blackmailed" into making peace with Israel, and believes that his country is the biggest winner in the normalization deal.

Gen. Abdel-Fattah Burhan told state television that his primary motivation to make peace with the Jewish state was to remove his country from the US State Department list of terror states. With that removal, Sudan can now rejoin the international economic system and invite investment from abroad.

Sudan's economy is currently in paralysis, with 200 percent inflation on staples such as bread and fuel recorded just last month. For years, Sudan harbored terror groups like Al-Qaeda and forged close ties with Iran, but no longer.

“The removal of our name from the list… will allow us to return to the international community. We will benefit economically and get technology,” he said.

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