Strike Two

Israel retaliates against Syria for second time in two days


Israel retailiated against Syrian border violations for the second time in two days on Monday, destroying a position used for firing mortar rounds into Israeli territory.

While Israel has no formal peace treaty with Syria, there had been no hostilities on the northern border since 1974. This peace was broken on Sunday, when the Syrian civil war spilled over into Israeli territory and the IDF responded in kind.

Already facing a serious escalation in violence on its southern border, Israel has no interest in a serious conflict with Syria. As a result, it is responding in a restrained manner, especially since no Israelis have thus far been wounded in the incidents.

This could all change in a moment, however, as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned on Monday. YNet quotes the PM as saying "We will not allow our borders to be breached or our citizens to live under fire. We will respond accordingly."

Should there be Israeli casualities from Syrian fire, there is no doubt that Israel's response will be much harsher than before.

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