Sochi Olympics 2014

Israeli delegation calm despite security concerns


With the Winter Olympics set to open Feb. 7 in Sochi, Russia, the memory of the terrorist attack against the Israeli delegation at the 1972 Games in Munich casts a long shadow. But the Israeli security service protecting the Israeli delegation this year said they are working closely with the Russians to prevent any violence.

“The Russians have the village closed off hermetically," Vladimir Shklar, who will lead the five Israeli athletes at the Games, told the Times of Israel.

Still, there are ever-present security concerns, especially after recent reports of potential suicide bombers in the Sochi region. Concern about Russia's ability to control the situation has led several U.S. hockey players to ask that their families not attend the Games. The Times of Israel also reported the U.S. ski team has hired a private company to provide additional security and evacuation plans.

The Games will go on, and Jews the world over will watch with pride as 5 Israeli athletes compete in skiing, figure skating and short-track speed skating.

Test your knowledge! Who won Israel’s first and only gold medal in the 2004 Athens games? The answer is Gal Fridman (windsurfer), according to a quiz in Moment Magazine.

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