Charlie Sheen: By the Way, I'm Jewish...

Daily Mail: John ('I Love Hitler') Galliano Has Jewish Roots As Well


In an astonishing reversal, two A-list celebrities who made headlines last week for crude anti-Semitic remarks have suddenly turned out to be… Jewish?

Charlie Sheen raised hackles worldwide when he recently taunted his boss Chuck Lorre with the moniker "Chaim Levine" as well as allegedly text-messaged his ex-wife Brooke Mueller (also Jewish!) with the words "I must execute mark b like the stoopid jew pic that he is.”  

On Friday (March 4), the disturbed actor called into Access Hollywood Live and dropped a bombshell:

"My mom is Jewish," the actor said.


He continued:  "Here’s where it gets confusing–we don’t know who her father was but she is, in fact, Jewish. So, I guess that would make me Jewish, and my children Jewish."

"And Brooke [Mueller], my ex-wife, is Jewish. So, I guess I should’ve rolled all that out, too.”

“You’re getting accused of anti-Semitic remarks," the show's host replied. "You might want to say, ‘By the way, I’m Jewish!’"

“I know, I know — stupid me,” said Sheen. “I just got caught sleeping. Caught napping. Which is rare for me. Anywho…. But, I’m proud of it. There you have it.”

Meanwhile, Christian Dior's former house designer John Galliano--who was sacked last week after video footage emerged of him ranting 'I love Hitler,"--is said to have Jewish roots as well.

A profile in Britain's Daily Mail reveals:

…According to a confidant of his, whom the Mail talked to this week—the designer loved to emphasize his own Jewish ancestry.

Perched in La Perle, mojito (his preferred cocktail) in hand, Galliano would tell anyone who listened about the melting pot of his heritage.

He always insisted he had Jewish blood from the Sephardi Jews who came from Spain and Portugal in the 19th century.

Johnny is obsessed with the idea of being descended from Jews,’ the confidant, who often drank with him at La Perle, reports.

The question is: can these revelations be believed? After all, a very clever way to defuse bad press about anti-Semitism would be for the perpetrator to end up being Jewish himself.

That way, he is no longer a racist but merely a self-hating Jew:  a tragic figure with a twisted psychic relationship to his own roots.

Mel Gibson must be kicking himself for not having thought of it first.

On the other hand, maybe this new twist of events is just bizarre enough to be true.

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