Why Are Jewish Schools in NYC Banning Orthodox Jewish Students?



A crisis is brewing in the New York City Orthodox Jewish community as “countless” students find that no school will accept them, according to New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind (D-Brooklyn District 48).

In an interview with VIN News, Hikind said parents are now approaching him to get involved personally in this issue, after receiving no help from Rabbis or community leaders.

“People ask me why I am involved in this issue,” said Hikind. “When a Jew comes to my office for help, I have no choice but to get involved. Where are the...Rabbis? The community leaders? If they listened like I listen, if they feel what I feel, if they could put themselves in the shoes of these people, they wouldn’t be able to sleep at night. And they shouldn’t be able to sleep at night.”

Hikind stressed that many of these children have done nothing wrong and are just victims of circumstance. Some attended schools that have closed down. Others are thrown out of school for reasons that defy logic.

And while there are some children who have been expelled from their previous school for making mistakes, he said, it is imperative upon schools to give these children a second chance

Many do not even leave their homes, he said, afraid to endure the questions and looks they receive as people wonder why they are not in school.

“People shouldn’t just feel other people’s pain here,” he said. “They should do something. They shouldn’t just kvetch or write comments on a website. People need to take action, do something. If everyone pretends this is their son, their daughter and then we will get results.”

The simmering issue broke out into Orthodox Jewish headlines recently when Rabbi Aaron Krausz of Williamsburg publicly condemned schools that expel students or only accept top tier students.

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