Where Is the $100,000 Israel-Hating Muslim

Leftist Raised for Repairing Jewish Cemetery?


Prominent antisemitic Israel-hating Muslim Leftist Linda Sarsour made a big stir last year when she raised $100,000 to help repair a vandalized Jewish cemetery

But there is just one problem: No one knows where the money is.

It certainly hasn't been handed over to the management of Golden Hill Cemetery in Colorado. According to the Algemeiner, they haven't received a penny from Sarsour.

The Algemeiner reports,

Neal Price of the Golden Hill Cemetery in Lakewood, CO said he had left three unreturned voicemails for Tarek El-Messidi, the founder of non-profit Islamic education organization Celebrate Mercy, who led the high-profile effort by the Muslim community in February and March to raise money for vandalized Jewish cemeteries in the US. El-Messidi’s partner in the effort was Sarsour.

Breitbart Jerusalem quotes a statement by New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind - a Democrat - stating, "Sarsour is a fraud ... I won’t be the least bit surprised to hear that her little Jewish cemetery publicity stunt wasn’t quite what she made it out to be."

In response to the charges, Sarsour went on a series of incoherent antisemitic rants on Twitter and Facebook in which she claimed to be the victim of a "Zionist" smear campaign and threatened to sue her accusers.

"I have the unfortunate receipts of what it costs to be a target of the right wing, alt-right, right wing zionists," she wrote.

I am exhausted. I am tired of the lies, lies, and more lies. It’s too much and it reignites the most vitriolic human beings on this earth. I am not safe and someone will pay for this with their pockets. Big time.

Sarsour has made antisemitic statements and threats of violence many times in the past, saying "Zionists" are creepy, defending Sharia law, calling for a "jihad" against President Donald Trump, and pledging to fight any Muslim who collaborates with U.S. authorities to fight radical Islam.

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