Speaker Paul Ryan Slams

Obama at AIPAC Conference

‘These past eight years have been tough’


House Speaker Paul Ryan openly slammed the Obama administration’s treatment of Israel at AIPAC’s annual policy conference.

“Let’s be frank,” Ryan said. “These past eight years have been tough. Our friendship has been tested. No single political spat or public disagreement can sever our historic alliance with Israel, but it can erode trust. And I think the actions of this past administration damaged this trust.”

With President Trump, however, Ryan asserted, “It’s time to turn the page. We have a new president. …  And let me assure you right here and now: President Trump’s commitment to Israel is sacrosanct. Congress’s commitment to Israel is sacrosanct. We don’t take Israel for granted.”

Ryan pointed out Obama’s surrender deal with Iran as a particularly egregious error, calling it “an unmitigated disaster.”

We provided billions of dollars in sanctions relief, sent more than a billion dollars in cold-hard cash, and opened up Tehran to the global markets. Meanwhile, Iran has stepped up its support for terrorism, increased its human rights abuses, and ramped up its ballistic missile program—all while keeping its sights on a nuclear weapon.

“To combat these threats,” said Ryan,

We must harness every instrument of American power. We must work with our allies—and Israel in particular—to counter this aggression at every turn. We should expand sanctions on Iran’s army of terror—the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps—and consider designating them as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. And we should take steps to stop Iranian airlines like Iran Air and Mahan Air from delivering arms and fighters to terrorists across the Middle East.

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