A Rare Victory

Top U.N. official resigns after Secretary

General rejects racist anti-Israel report


Racist anti-Israel U.N. official Rima Khalaf resigned her post following the rejection of a report she helped issue that libeled Israel as an "apartheid" country.

Her resignation marks a stunning and rare victory for Israel at the ferociously biased and often antisemitic international body.

The report was issued by the U.N.'s Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA), a Beirut-based group supposedly dedicated to fostering development in the Arab world.

Seemingly out of its purview was the report on Israel, which concluded, "Israel has established an apartheid regime that systematically institutionalizes racial oppression and domination of the Palestinian people as a whole."

Intense denunciations from Israel and the U.S. led Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to reject the report and scrub it from the U.N.'s website.

Apparently dedicated to her racist activism, Khalaf promptly resigned.

Israel's ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon hailed Khalaf's exit, calling it "an important step in stopping discrimination against Israel. ... Over the years Khalaf has worked to harm Israel and advocate for the BDS movement. Her removal from the UN is long overdue."

He continued, "Anti-Israel activists do not belong in the UN. It is time to put an end to practice in which UN officials use their position to advance their anti-Israel agenda."

The report was co-authored by Richard Falk, a longtime U.N. official and racist Israel-hater, who has engaged in antisemitic rhetoric and also touted the theory that 9/11 was the result of a U.S. government conspiracy.

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