Prime Minister Yair Lapid


Yair Lapid once ruled Israel's airwaves. Now he will rule its government.

The former television star will be the new caretaker prime minister until elections are held in October. It is a chance for the liberal Lapid, of the Yesh Atid party, to make a positive impression on voters.

What we know about him: he's liberal on social values, but hawkish on Israel's security. He has directly confronted Israel's Haredi parties and favors co-existence between Israel's Arab and Jewish populations. His base is secular Israel, and he's to the right of Meretz but to the left of Likud.

Yesterday, in a statement, Lapid said:

“A year ago, we started the process of rebuilding, and now we’re carrying it on and carrying it on together. What we need to do today is go back to the concept of Israeli unity – not to let dark forces tear us apart from within. We must remind ourselves that we love one another, love our country, and that only together will we prevail.”

Given that Israel is deeply divided politically, it's a good start.

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