Jewish Teenager Slashed in Paris Attack


A 15-year-old Jewish girl was slashed across the face in Paris in what is being called an antisemitic attack.

The girl was identifiably Jewish, as she was wearing the uniform of a local Jewish school in the neighborhood of Sarcelles.

She was slashed by an unknown assailant on her lunch break. The attacker was not identified as she was unable to see his face.

Francois Pupponi, the former mayor of Sarcelles, issued a statement saying,

I have no doubt the perpetrators of this attack had anti-Semitic motives. Faced with these acts, we need to abandon pretense and naiveté. In Sarcelles, everybody knows who is a practicing Jew according to the way they dress. Delinquents know it too. When someone slashes a young girl’s face with a utility knife, when she is wearing clothes favored by many women from the Jewish community, then there is no room for doubt.

The attack follows the firebombing of two kosher shops in Paris.

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