Palestinians Need to Get Real About Israel


Walter Russell Mead has some advice for the Palestinians: get real.

Palestinians will never defeat Israel militarily. Diplomatically, Israel is in it's best position in decades. A commitment to the "resistance" is self-defeating. The occupation is a result of the resistance. If the Palestinians would make peace there would be no reason for the occupation.

Palestinians today need a state-builder not a revolutionary leader, Mead writes:

Palestinians today don’t need a Nelson Mandela who can lead the struggle for equal political rights in one state. They need a Konrad Adenauer: a leader who can accept military defeat and painful territorial losses while building a prosperous future through reconciliation with the victors. As Adenauer’s postwar West Germany showed, it is possible to recover from crushing defeats, but defeat must be accepted before it can be overcome. A new generation, instead of following its elders down the rabbit hole of eternally futile resistance, could instead work toward competent governance, and ultimately reconciliation and renewal.

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