Oren: Iran Closing in on Three Fronts


Persians invented the game of chess and are using the principles behind the game to play three matches at once across the Middle East and the world, writes Michael Oren at Israel Hayom.

The first is regional, where Iran stepped back and allowed the West to destroy its biggest enemies, Iraq and ISIS. The next is international, where Iran secured a nuclear agreement with the West, then cuddled up to Russia. The last is with Israel, where Iran seeks to keep Israel in "perpetual check" by deploying missiles on its borders.

Iran wants to force Israel into a state of perpetual check; in other words, paralysis before death. Surrounded by tens of thousands of missiles held by Hamas and Hezbollah, and in range of the Iranian army's long-range missiles, Israel will struggle to impede Iran from entrenching itself in Syria. When this undertaking culminates, the Iranians will be able to take the Israeli "king" and declare checkmate.

To counter Iranian moves, Israel must strenuously enforce its red lines to prevent an Iranian entrenchment in Syria, Oren says. He concludes

The Iranians might be experts at chess, but rest assured, Israel has champions of its own.

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