Opposition Slams Bibi's 'Coup' Speech


Israeli opposition leaders slammed Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for his fiery speech at a rally Wednesday night, in which he claimed the Left and the media are plotting a coup against him.

Netanyahu asserted that the recent wave of corruption charges against him are a plot by his enemies who cannot defeat him at the ballot box.

According to YNet, his opponents were not impressed by the claims.

Former prime minister Ehud Barak said in response,

The suspect from Balfour St. continues whining. ... There is no persecution—there's corruption. There is no leadership—there's panic. ... When the state witnesses' testimonies becomes public, it will be game over. This is not persecution or political disagreements—this is personal and systematic corruption. Who really believes the attorney general and police commissioner are persecuting the prime minister?

Barak called on Netanyahu to resign so "his achievements can be remembered. If he continues stalling, he will crash into the abyss, and that's a shame."

Labor party leader Avi Gabbay agreed, calling on Netayahu to resign and go to new elections.

"The people of Israel this evening witnessed a prime minister who lacks confidence and attacks the State Attorney's Office and the Israel Police, whose heads he appointed himself," he said.

"Netanyahu keeps claiming the people are with him. I call on him to test that with national elections as soon as possible," he added.

Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid blasted Netanyahu's speech as incitement and demagoguery.

"All of the lines have been crossed tonight," he said.

The prime minister organized a rally for himself against the investigations he's under, and delivered the most divisive and inciting speech I've heard from any Israeli public official. With him were ministers, MKs and other elected representatives who came to protest against the police, the State Attorney's Office, and the attorney general. They protested to scare those investigating them.

He added that Netanyahu's attempt to claim the corruption investigation is a conspiracy was "an insult to our intelligence. ... They're not 'out to get him,' they're out to get to the truth. That's exactly what scares him and his close associates so much."

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