Tokyo Olympics Fires Opening Ceremonies Director for Holocaust Joke

Photo: Martin Rulsch


The director of the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony has been fired after it was revealed that he had made jokes about the Holocaust.

The AFP reported that a video of a comedy sketch from 1998 appeared online in which Kentaro Kobayashi refers to a group of paper dolls as “the ones from that time you said ‘let’s play the Holocaust.’”

Tokyo Olympics head Seiko Hashimoto said, “The organizing committee has decided to relieve Kobayashi of his post.”

“It came to light that during a past performance, (he) used language that mocked a tragic fact of history,” she added.

Kobayashi apologized, calling the Holocaust jokes “extremely inappropriate.”

“It was from a time when I was not able to get laughs the way I wanted, and I believe I was trying to grab people’s attention in a shallow-minded way,” he said.

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