Obama's Feckless Syria Policy


Even the liberal Washington Post is condemning President Obama's policy on Syria, which the paper calls "feckless."

It has been months since the White House agreed to send arms to the Syrian opposition, but so far, not one bullet has arrived. President Obama seems lukewarm -- at best -- about intervening in Syria.

In some of his most extensive public comments on Syria since then, in an interview with PBS’s Charlie Rose on June 17, Mr. Obama spent much of his time arguing the case against intervention, insisting that “we have to not rush into one more war in the Middle East.”

Meanwhile, an opportunity to break the Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis is slipping away.

Mr. Obama’s fecklessness on Syria has baffled and alarmed important U.S. allies, including Turkey and Israel, which wonder if the United States can still be counted on as a force in the region. It has emboldened not just Mr. Assad but also Iran, which has been stepping up its own intervention in Syria in the belief that it will not be countered. Now the president is failing to deliver even on the modest action he decided on. It’s a spectacle that can only harm U.S. standing in the Middle East — and prolong Syria’s bloodshed.

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