Obama Pressures U.S. Jewish Leaders to Sell Out Israel


Top Obama administration officials joined a conference call of Jewish leaders Wednesday to urge them not to support legislation that would impose sanctions on Iran if it fails to come to a final agreement over its disputed nuclear program.

In other words, President Obama wants them to sell out Israel.

JTA reports that Obama officials called that legislation "dangerous" and said it would be perceived by Iran as breaking an interim agreement negotiated recently in Geneva that placed some small limitations on Iran's nuclear program in exchange for Iran receiving billions in frozen assets.

The officials outlined the terms of the interim six-month sanctions-for-nuclear rollback relief set to begin next week, saying it allows Iran no more than $7 billion of relief from the $100 billion that sanctions are costing the country. They also said the agreement increases inspections and adds safeguards against any advancement in Iran’s nuclear capability.

When Jewish officials noted that the legislation would only penalize Iran if it failed to come to an agreement, the Obama officials retorted:

The officials said that even with the precaution, the legislation would be perceived by Iran and US partners negotiating the deal as creating new sanctions, which would violate the terms of the interim agreement and lead to the collapse of the international coalition that has drawn Iran to talks through existing sanctions. The officials called the new sanctions “dangerous.”

A group of U.S. senators are looking to collect a veto-proof block of 67 lawmakers with the help of Jewish groups, most notably Aipac. The U.S. House passed similar legislation with a veto-proof majority last year.

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