Obama Makes Nice With Netanyahu as Israel Goes to the Polls

'Looking forward to continuing working with you'


According to close aides of Benjamin Netanyahu, U.S. President Barack Obama is now interested in making nice with the Israeli prime minister.

According to Raffi Shamir, a Netanyahu spokesman, the PM has received a handwritten message from Obama, which he described as saying "Looking forward to continuing working with you in the new year."

The relationship between the two men has been famously contentious, and they are rumored to intensely dislike each other personally.

As the Israeli electorate goes to the polls on Tuesday, Netanyahu has tried to project a statesmanlike image, downplaying his problematic relationship with the president.

This latest announcements could well be part of that attempt. While Netanyahu wants to appear to be able to stand up to Obama when necessary, he does not want to appear to be alienating the president completely.

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