Obama's Jewish Half-Brother Visits Israel, Promises to Help Free Pollard


Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. While some people accuse President Obama of being hostile to the Jewish state, apparently he has a half-brother who is halachically Jewish and interested in getting in touch with his Jewish roots.

Last week Mark Obama Ndesandjo visited Israel secretly. One of the main purposes of his trip was to meet with Ashkenazi chief rabbi Yona Metzger and receive a blessing and a letter for his mother, Ruth Nidesand. The visit had to be kept a secret for fear of reprisals from al-Qaeda-related terrorist groups.

Ndesandjo, 45, is the son of Barack Obama Senior and his third wife, a Jewish American kindergarten teacher whom he met at Harvard. Ndesandjo lives in China.

 Ndesandjo visited Rabbi Metzger wearing a bandanna topped by a yarmulke.

"He looked so similar to his brother that even if he didn't say anything I would have recognized him," Metzger said.

 "He said that his mother often reminds him to be proud of his Judaism," the rabbi added. "He seemed like a very sensitive Jew whose heart is invested in helping his fellow man."

Metzger, who has been an activist on behalf of Jonathan Pollard, asked Ndesandjo to bring up Pollard's fate with his brother. Ndesandjo agreed.

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