Hate Crimes Against Jews on the Rise in NYC


There has been a serious rise in hate crimes against Jews in New York City, a top NYPD official has publicly acknowledged.

That antisemitic violence has been on the rise in NYC hardly comes as a surprise to informed observers, but the primary authorities have been slow to admit to it.

Mayor Bill de Blasio set off a firestorm earlier this year when he blamed the attacks on the extreme right, when in fact they almost universally committed by members of minority groups.

The Jerusalem Post reports that head of the NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force, Deputy Inspector Mark Molinari, said that 52 percent of all hate crimes in New York targeted Jews.

In addition, there have been 163 antisemitic crimes compared to 108 last year, a statistically significant rise.

Molinari also contradicted de Blasio, admitting that the attacks are not a right-wing phenomenon.

“The national narrative is not the narrative we see here in New York City,” he said.

"There aren’t roving bands of white supremacists, from khakis and tiki torches to hood-wearing people," he admitted.

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