New York Times Whitewashes Muslim Antisemitism


The New York Times whitewashed Muslim violence against Jews in Europe, publishing an article in which Muslim leaders were permitted to express their total denial without rebuttal.

The article did note the massive rise in antisemitic violence in Europe, especially France, and that Jews are leaving their neighborhoods and even their countries as a result. It even notes that all of this violence has been committed by Muslims.

But it gave the last word to a group of antisemitic Muslims who desperately sought to cover up the pervasive Jew-hatred rampant in their own community.

Ahmet Ogras, president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith, despicably said Jews should "stop putting the blame on Muslims. Why don’t they do studies of Islamophobia in the Jewish community?"

Rachid Benzine, described as a "political scientists, gave equally vile comments, saying, "What you’ve got to understand is that there is a sort of obsession, fantasized around the position that Jews hold in the French republic, that develops as a kind of resentment, a jealousy. And then there is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which gives the whole thing its energy."

Apparently, the French Muslim elite believes the Jews are Islamophobes who deserve what they get. At the very least, we've "got to understand" the monstrous violence against us.

And the New York Times appears to have no problem with this at all.

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