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U.S. indicates Obama will not bring new peace initiative on Israel visit


Contrary to initial expectations, President Barack Obama will not bring a new peace initiative to the table during his upcoming visit to Israel, the White House said on Wednesday.

Spokesman Jay Carney told the press that issues related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may be raised during meetings with the various parties, "but that is not the purpose of this visit."

Instead, Carney asserted, "We expect that Iran and Syria will be topics of conversation."

This may be a source of some chagrin to the Palestinians. According to the JPost, one P.A. official said that "We expect Obama to exert pressure on the Israeli government" in relation to settlements and prisoner releases, "in order to pave the way for the resumption of the peace talks."

This seems somewhat unlikely, given that previous attempts by Obama to pressure Israel on these issues failed disastrously.

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