Not Good Enough

Top U.S. Middle East commander says sanctions are not stopping Iran


America's top military man in the Middle East told the Senate on Tuesday that sanctions against Iran are not working, and the Islamic republic is still heading toward nuclear capability.

Speaking to the Senate Arms Services Committee, General James Mattis "said that it may still be possible to use sanctions and other pressure to bring Tehran to its senses, however, he says Iran is using the negotiations to buy time."

These words echo almost word for word recent statements made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mattis also rejected the idea that the Iranians are not pursuing a nuclear weapon. The Islamic republic, he said, "is enriching uranium beyond any plausible peaceful purpose."

While the Obama administration has repeatedly stated that it will not allow Iran to achieve nuclear capability, Mattis's statement is one of the most hawkish positions yet to be taken by a high-ranking military man.

Mattis's position as Middle East commander will likely give his claims added weight.

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