Did Iran Murder Argentinean-Jewish Prosecutor Over

Terrorist Attack on Jewish Community Center?


A new report confirms that Argentinean-Jewish prosecutor Alberto Nisman was murdered, and many suspect Iran was behind it.

Nisman was the primary investigator of the 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center that killed 85 people. He fingered Iran as responsible and issued international warrants for several Iranian terrorists. The warrants have never been honored.

In 2015, he was prepared to charge then-president Christina Kirchner and foreign minister Hector Timmerman with helping Iran to cover up the Islamic republic's involvement.

Just before he was to testify before congress on the charges, he was found shot to death in his home. Authorities immediately ruled it a suicide.

A new report, however, proves this to be false. The Daily Beast reports that, based on a thorough examination of the evidence, it is clear that Nisman was attacked and beaten by at least two men before being shot through the head execution-style.

It is now considered likely that Iran was involved in the assassination, especially given the Islamo-fascist regime's long history of killing its international opponents.

The Beast quotes a fellow Argentinean prosecutor, Ricardo Sáenz, saying,

The most serious development is establishing that his death was a homicide. I put that in writing in February 2016, a year and a half ago, and it has been my position and the family’s since then. This is the most serious examination of Nisman’s death, performed by an interdisciplinary panel, and it ratifies that we are talking about homicide. ... This, a crime in which 85 Argentine citizens were killed, this is the worst sort of impunity.

It is unclear what further steps will be taken in the investigation.

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