Biden Appoints New Ambassador to Israel


President Joe Biden has appointed his new ambassador to Israel.

The Times of Israel reports that the nominee is Thomas Nides, a former deputy secretary of state for management and resources.

Nides worked extensively with Israeli officials during his time at the State Department, and was heavily involved in gaining approval from the Obama administration for extensions on loan guarantees to Israel.

However, he also played a role in heading off congressional efforts to rein in anti-Israel activities at the UN, such as by UNRWA and UNESCO.

In a statement, Israel’s Ambassador to the US Gilad Erdan welcomed Nides’ appointment.

“I look forward to working with him to further the special relations between Israel and the United States and enhancing our cooperation on the many issues at hand: expanding the circle of peace in the Middle East, Israeli-US partnership on the fight against climate change and COVID-19, and countering the growing threat of antisemitism around the world,” Erdan said.

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