Netanyahu on Yom Hashoah:

The World Hasn't Learned a Thing


Seventy-seven years ago the world appeased a dangerous dictator hoping that it would bring peace. Instead, it brought war.

Today, said Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel on Yom Hashoah, the world is making the same mistake. World powers are appeasing Iran and allowing it to expand its orbit across the Middle East, rather than confronting the terror state head on. This, he said makes the West "comatose" and "delusional."

“The main lesson of the Second World War, for democracies, is that they cannot turn a blind eye to tyrannical regimes.

“Appeasement towards these regimes increases their aggressiveness. If this aggressiveness is not curbed in time, humanity may find itself in far greater wars in the future.”

Netanyahu strongly hinted that Israel would not stand for Iranian aggression and would take on Tehran even if it had to go to battle by itself.

Israel’s leaders would “ensure our right and capacity and determination to defend ourselves.”

While the Jews had no power 70 years ago, “today we can make ourselves heard and we are determined to ensure our existence and our future.”

Yom Hashoah sirens will be heard across Israel at 10 a.m. Thursday.

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