Netanyahu on Yom HaShoah

'I Will Never Shy From Speaking the Truth'


While world leaders and the media downplay the threat Israel faces from Iran, the Jewish state's prime minister said Wednesday he feels the obligation to speak the truth.

In a speech on Israel's annual Yom HaShoah, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu explicitly compared the threat from Iran to the Holocaust the Jewish people experienced not 70 years ago.

On this day, when our entire nation gathers together to remember the horrors of the Holocaust and the six million Jews who were murdered, we must fulfill our most sacred obligation.

This obligation is not merely an obligation to remember the past. It is an obligation to learn its lessons, and, most importantly, to apply them to the present in order to secure the future of our people.

We must remember the past and secure the future by applying the lessons of the past. This is especially true for this generation a generation that once again is faced with calls to annihilate the Jewish State.

Iran works "feverishly" to produce nuclear weapons, Netanyahu added, and works towards Israel's destruction.

In what was perhaps a direct message to President Barack Obama, Netanyahu added that, though there are those who don't think it necessary to emphasize the genocidal threat Israel faces from Iran, he believes otherwise. President Obama and administration officials have both suggested that Israel's rhetoric against Iran is not helpful, and only exacerbates tensions.

I know that there are those who do not like when I speak such uncomfortable truths. They prefer that we not speak of a nuclear Iran as an existential threat. They say that such language, even if true, only sows fear and panic.

I ask, have these people lost all faith in the people of Israel? Do they think that this nation, which has overcome every danger, lacks the strength to confront this new threat?

Did the State of Israel not triumph over existential threats when it was far less powerful than it is today? Did its leaders have any qualms about saying the truth?

During World War II, Netanyahu concluded, Jews had no state to call their own. They could depend on no army for help or deliverance. Today, the State of Israel has an army, he said, and once again he emphasized that Israel will act alone if it deems such action necessary.

The truth is that a nuclear-armed Iran is an existential threat of the State of Israel.

The truth is that a nuclear-armed Iran is an political threat to other countries throughout the region and a grave threat to the world peace.

The truth is that Iran must be stopped from obtaining nuclear weapons. It is the duty of the whole world, but above and beyond, it is OUR duty.

The memory of the Holocaust goes beyond holding memorial services; it is not merely a historical recollection.

The memory of the Holocaust obligates us to apply the lessons of the past to ensure the basis of our future. We will never bury our heads in the sand.

Am Yisrael Chai, veNetzach Yisrael Lo Yeshaker [The Nation of Israel Lives, and the Eternal one of Israel does not Lie].

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