Netanyahu at Rally:

The Left Is Trying to Destroy Me


The scandal-plagued Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave a furious speech to his supporters at a mass rally on Wednesday.

According to the Times of Israel, Netanyahu denounced his enemies before a crowd of 3,000 people in Tel Aviv, saying,

They don’t want to just take me down, they want to take us all down. They know that they can’t beat us at the ballots, so they are trying to circumvent democracy and topple us in other ways.

But we keep winning in the ballots because we’ve brought Israel to the best place it has ever been in Israel’s history.

We know that the left and the media — and we know that it’s the same thing — is on an unprecedented hunt against me and my family to bring down the government. They are putting unrelenting pressure of the legal system in order for them to present an indictment without any proof.

The fake news is warning us that if we don’t withdraw from our historical homeland we will be weak and defeated.

The prime minister is facing a series of corruption probes and a possible indictment for accepting expensive gifts from supporters and allegedly colluding with a prominent newspaper publisher to engineer more positive coverage of his government.

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