Netanyahu: We Will Stop Iran's Nuke Program Even at Expense of Friction with the US


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sounded a defiant note on Tuesday, saying he was willing to risk the relationship with the US in order to stop Iran from gaining a nuclear weapon.

The Jerusalem Post reports Netanyahu saying, “Iran is different from the other countries that have nuclear weapons today. Therefore, containment is not an option.”

“If we need to choose – and I hope it will not happen – between friction with our great friend the US and getting rid of an existential threat, getting rid of an existential threat will prevail,” he added.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz chastised Netanyahu afterwards, saying, “The Biden administration is a true friend, and Israel has and will have no better partner than the US. Even if there are disagreements, they must be solved behind closed doors and not with defiant rhetoric that could harm Israel’s security.”

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