Netanyahu Tells Israeli TV He's Ready to 'Press the Button' on Iran


One day before the presidential election in the United States, Israel's prime minister told Israeli television that he's ready to "press the button on Iran" if need be.

According to the Jerusalem Post:

"I guarantee that if I'm re-elected as prime minister I will not allow Iran to get a nuclear bomb," Netanyahu said in an interview. Asked if he was really capable of "pressing the button," Netanyahu replied: "I am capable, if I have to. I hope that I won't have to."

Netanyahu stressed that he has no desire for war, but that Israel has the means to defend itself.

"Iran is progressing, step by step," he said. "Today we are not begging other people to help us. Today we are prepared ourselves."

Pressed on a report that the Israeli army and the Mossad refused orders in 2010 to prepare for an imminent war with Iran, Netanyahu said "the responsibility ultimately rests with the prime minister."

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