Netanyahu Appears in Pro-Romney Ad

Republican candidate hopes to swing Florida Jewish voters into his camp


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is featured in a new advertisement apparently intended to boost the campaign of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The ad is part of a campaign to bring Jewish voters, who are considered a key Democratic constituency, into the Romney camp, especially in key states such as Florida, where a small number of votes can prove decisive.

According to YNet, the ad "is being broadcast from Wednesday in swing states with relatively large Jewish communities: Florida, Nevada, Ohio and Pennsylvania."

Clips of Netanyahu speaking about the Iranian threat appear in the ad, which reportedly concentrates on the issue of Iran's pursuit of a nuclear weapon.

The ad is reportedly paid for by a group called Secure America Now. While not officially tied to the Romney campaign, it is a conservative organization and includes prominent Republican Liz Cheney among its founders, implying strongly that the ad is intended to benefit Romney.

The use of officially non-partisan organizations to aid in political campaigns has become common, since they are not subject to laws regulating spending that apply only to partisan organizations. Most of these groups are, in fact, intended to benefit one of the parties over another.

While Netanyahu has officially endorsed no candidate in the current campaign, his personal and political affinity with Romney has been obvious, as is his often difficult relationship with Romney's opponent, President Barack Obama.

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