Monsey Stabber Charged With Federal Hate Crime


Grafton Thomas, a Jew hater who stabbed five Jews Saturday night during a Chanukah lighting ceremony, has been charged with a federal hate crime, in addition to the attempted murder charges.

According to UPI:

FBI investigators said they found journal entries allegedly written by Thomas in which he expressed anti-Semitic views, referencing Adolf Hitler and "Nazi culture."

They said another journal entry allegedly stated that "Hebrew Israelites" had victimized "ebonoid Israelites," which the FBI took to mean African-Americans claiming descent from the ancient tribes of Israel.

Police are also investigating whether Thomas was responsible for a separate stabbing attack in Monsey in November.

Five people were injured in the attack, two of them critically.

Thomas has been arraigned and charged with attempted murder and one count of burglary. Bail was set at $5 million.

Thomas’ family is claiming that he is mentally ill and his attack was not motivated by antisemitism. Police are investigating his social media accounts and his mental health.

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